Tyler morris amputee dating

Have you seen my friend Taylor walk? – Tim Dodd Photography

tyler morris amputee dating

Main · Videos; Microsaint simulation dating. Over blunder to more circumstantially blunder this referral for growth, put us blunder the flashcoms at us. You're over. Taylor Morris quad amputee walking Bethesda Walter Reed Otto Bock . To keep up to date with Taylor's progress, make a donation, or buy a. Taylor Morris, the war vet who lost parts of all 4 limbs, will marry the Cedar Falls He became a rare quadruple amputee war casualty after an . “I thought there was no way he would surprise me after dating for nine years.

To my surprise, we were up early and beat Taylor down to his morning appointment in physical therapy. But when Riley and I first met up with Taylor, Danielle was back home to be with her family for a week.

We would be picking her up the next day from the airport. We gave Taylor huge hugs and were so delighted to see him greet us with a full and genuine smile.

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Although he took his wheelchair from his apartment to the physical therapy building, he brought all of his limbs with him in a bag dragging behind the wheelchair. He put his limbs together and on all by himself, then managed to stand up completely on his own. Taylor is creating his own rules and timeline for his recovery. Last time I was out there, I was hoping by the next time I came out to see Taylor that I could maybe see him stand. It was a lofty goal, as it often takes at least three months to heal enough to be fit with prosthetics.

Once a person standsthey need to re-learn their sense of balance starting from a low height and slowing increasing their leg length for weeks until they can balance at their original height.

tyler morris amputee dating

Then they learn to move around on a knee-less legand eventually they will try knees. This process can literally take years, even for a single amputee.

Tyler Morris Amputee Dating

Taylor was in his knees within one month of first standing. When I say breaking the rules, I literally mean breaking the rules. I felt like I was back in the early years of our friendship when Taylor decided to sneak back into the MATC after hours and get more time on his legs. We snuck back in, put his legs on and walked at least a mile and a half!

We joked around about several different business ideas, but for now, I think I like our sushi and wheat grass idea best! So, against all knowledge and recommendation of the hospital, he took his legs out to pick up Danielle that Saturday. When we went shopping Saturday afternoon, he kept his legs on. The images speak for themselves. We had about 5 seconds to turn around and capture this picture as Marine 1 flew overhead!

He and Danielle still flirted in the back seat the whole way down, tickling and teasing each other the entire time. Scroll down for video Remarkable: Navy bomb disposal expert and quadruple amputee Taylor Morris spins his girlfriend Danielle around the dance floor only months after returning from Afghanistan Joy: Morris was left fighting for his life after stepping on an IED but only months after his return has astonished all by showing how able he is at his friends' wedding in Iowa Looking glamorous in a cream ruffled evening dress and white sandals, Kelly squeals with delight as her handsome and immaculately turned-out date gives her a couple of twirls to 'Old Time Rock And Roll' and the later pulls her in tenderly for a slow Boyz-II-Men classic.

We were so happy to be able to be home for our friend's wedding. It was a friend from high school so all of our other friends were at the wedding. The night was perfect! It felt incredible to be in Taylor's arms again dancing the night away.

It was amazing to see a glimpse of life after the hospital. Once again reassurance that we WILL have the life we have always dreamed of.

Have you seen my friend Taylor walk?

Taylor and Danielle on the dance floor at their friends' wedding over Labor Day weekend Tenderness: Danielle Kelly has helped her boyfriend through his recovery since the moment he arrived back on home soil The pictures show just how far the Navy specialist has come since he almost died after stepping on an IED on May 3 this year.

The touching images show Taylor being carried up a flight of stairs on Danielle's back and the couple working together on his rehabilitation exercises at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington D.

Others show Taylor visiting the White House on a day to honor veterans and lining up with fellow groomsmen at the wedding with the use of his new prosthetics. The pictures were taken by the couple's friend and photographer Tim Dodd. Taylor has said the person who deserves his Bronze Star is his devoted girlfriend Road to recovery: Danielle carries Taylor up the stairs and gives the decorated hero a hug The homecoming on August 30 saw the residents of Cedar Falls line the streets with American flags to welcome the injured hero home.

After attending the wedding of friends and visiting family, the couple then returned to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.

tyler morris amputee dating

They plan to return home to attend a fundraiser on October 19 which is being organized via the Taylor Morris Community Support on Facebook. On May 3, Taylor was leading a team of U. Army Special Forces to a classified location near Kandahar province when he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device, which went off directly underneath him.

I felt the heat. I knew I had lost my legs. As I somersaulted through the air, I watched my legs fly off.