Taurus woman dating a scorpio

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taurus woman dating a scorpio

I have talked about Taurus women before, and their need for touch. They may spend most of their first dating days getting to know each other in the bedroom. Understanding the compatibility of a Scorpio man and a Taurus woman doesn't have to be difficult. Here we look at the the possible advantages and pitfalls. Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man Mental Compatibility: Taurus and Scorpio are so the Scorpio man will most likely plan a date with these things in mind.

Taurus and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

To the extreme, sex and all the emotions that come with it for this couple can become an obsession for the pair. However, the level of intimacy that they share will likely be deeply profound. When it comes to a Scorpio and Taurus pairing, when the chemistry is right they can be joined at the hip, almost inseparable from one another due to the deep bond they have created.

Overall, they can be the antithesis of a truly deep connection to one another with an abundant sex life. However, the Taurus will require care and intimacy from the Scorpio and the Scorpio will need his Taurus to have an adventurous spirit and be willing to experiment. They often silently question the motives of almost every action of others in order to safeguard their deep emotions.

So being able to trust completely is extremely important for the Scorpio. As for Taurus, there is a strong need to establish a sense of security upon which she can rely.

Within this pairing there are two common scenarios that can arise, both coming from the side of Taurus. In the first scenario, the Taurus may be too quiet and have a difficulty in opening up. This could stir up the apprehensive and somewhat incredulous tendencies in Scoprio, which could lead to a lot of questioning. This, in turn, could lead to the Taurus feeling like they are being interrogated by their partner and close up even more. The second scenario is a case of Taurus only divulging a limited amount of information to the Scorpio and telling him what he would like to hear, rather than laying out the depths of her soul.

He s my brother and all I can say to you girls is if you feel, passion, commitment, possessivenessis what you want and can ignore silly stupid argumentscalled mind games by themgo for it! For they r thousand times better than cheating Gemini s: Before him I was with a Cancer for over 15 yrs.

My Scorpio boyfriend has this power over me that I can't shake. The weird thing is he's not that great looking and doesn't have a great body but I'm so incredibly attracted to him! We've broken up several times over the last 4 yrs mostly due to trust issues In the beginning he was very attentive, loving and affectionate.

Now he seems to purposely hold back, BUT I still know he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. I think unless you're willing to "play the game" with them AND know how, you should definitely stay away from these men because it will be a hard Taurus female deserves much better and the Scorpio guy knows that's why he wants you all to himself but then don't wanna stay committed and even when they are there mouth issent such a potty mouth.

I'm a Taurus Woman, and I just recently started noticing Scorpios. Before, I used to have an obsession with a Scorpio guy who lived far from me, he liked me but he didn't want to be in a relationship because of the distance.

Then In this year, all of a sudden, he who has not had contact with me in like 3 years because I took my myspace off, suddenly adds me on Facebook. I ask him "How'd you find me! That sounds very special to me. I also met a Scorpio recently who is 2 years older than me, and is very fascinating type of person. At first we hit it off great, we were talking, he gave me advice with a break up I was going through A Cancerand he was there and all. So I just stopped talking to him, I didn't ignore him though.

So my question would be, how the heck can I get him interested in talking with me again? I just want to flirt around, but if the right guy comes along, I'll end my single trip early.

I thank GOD or whoever I came across this site. I almost fell out my chair reading the same emotional effects and similarities we've gone through.

We are both seeing different people I am involved with a Taurus but the polar magnets makes me so drawn to him! UGH I hate it! I am emotionally strong and never break in front of him. I guess time will tell. I had Scorpio boy friend and we were going to get married soon. I cried but later I realized that its of no use and I broke up with my boy.

Maybe I'm just soppy but hearing the man you love tell you you're loved back is what it's all about for me. I very often think.

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I love you completely like no other Sex is good but we share a very deep closeness, when he is being nice. He hates lies and cheats, but he screws with my head. He told me first he loved me, then told me I was rushing him. I thought I was stronger than this. I agree he does not like weakness in a woman and respects being told when he is being an arse He says his love is very strong and he is very romantic As I hav seen them they r in constant process of refining themselves, to perfection I can say its amazing!!

May be you met him a bit too early in his life before he was molded himself a bit!! Relax cut off because ex r strangers in truth.

Taurus woman and scorpio man love compatibility

Good luck I am amazed at the responses I am hearing on this site. All of you are making Taurus women look weak. I am a strong emotional Bull.

Not even the Scorpio can conquer my emotions.

taurus woman dating a scorpio

I have dated two male Scorpios. I converted their mind playing- sses into complete emotional wrecks. I dealt with them when it served my purpose only! I played on their self-esteem trust me, their pseduo-confidence is a put up job. I belittled them to the point of no return. Here is the key, You boost their self confidence Let them tell you everything. But tell them nothing. How do you prevent yourself from being emotionally tied to them?

Play the Mother Theresa role, but keep your options low-key and open. Send them on an emotional rollercoaster. Play with their heads until he becomes exactly what you want him to be He will never be the same! When he's down, tell him that you detest weak men. He needs to to go fetch his pride and dignity.

Once I feel that I'm being manipulated or underminded, trust me, I will bring a man to the lowest level I feel that he needs to be I don't know hw to proceed, I know sx means a lot for scorpios, but he keeps tellin me he hasnt had sex with a girl for few yrs now The sexual chemistry sizzles off the computer screen as it is.

He has frustrated me with his aloofness, but I am not the typical taurean girl I laugh inside, because it took forever! You do have to be patient and persistent. Yes, I can feel each and every one of you woman's when talking about the Scorpio man I am a Taurus, My first love was a Scorpio from the age of 12 to the age of 18 years old I mat another Scorpio who was around 12 years older then me I am now 45 years old He was very protected of me Love to have sex.

Our sex life was the greatest I mat another Scorpio I don't know what to make of him or think of him I never saw him walking out on me Out of all I've been through with him, I am very much stronger now then what I was back then, I deal with him because I still love him and he knows this I don't know what to say or what to tell anyone who is dating a Scorpio man If I continue to deal with him, then I must accept him for him and let him be him Everything about him is so bitter sweet Im a Scorpio Man and I have always loved Taurus women.

The strange thing is this. I been married twice, once to a Gemini and a Leo. I'm a Scorpio man we have a gift ladies no not that! The gift is we feel the world differently. I have a Taurus woman as a neighbor she moved in three months ago a nice sweet looking sista mmmmm I caught her vibe instantly. I could feel her boyd get excited nipples start to get nice and plump as I talked to her.

I wonder what that would feel like I love his family and he loves mine, I am very possesive and I don't like to lose any arguments, we have broken up once but it was for a good reason, I love himwith all my heart.

And I know that any one can make through just by making a lil effort: I've been with a Scorpio for 2 years now. Yes, there is no doubt that the sex is good. However, most typical Taureans who crave a secure, stable and uninterrupted loving life would find Scorpio unrealiable. During our relationship, I had my fantastic moments of course, but for the rest, it's all heartbreaking.

I cried a lot. I think he is too cold, and sadly he loves me less than I do, or he just acts like that If you want an adventure, and if you adore intellectual guys, you may try to date a scorpio. Security seeker, though, be careful He will change before you notice Oh my god, Im a Taurus woman and I dated a Scorpio man for almost two years and I just couldn't take how he was so controlling and jealous!

We're opposites on the wheel. It's constant work making sure the energies are balanced. Opposite signs are just really hard to maintain in the long run; sooner or later the balance will be disrupted, and then all hell breaks loose. Everything from passion to security; isn't that what you always wanted? As for Scorpio meni'm pretty convinced cancers are the best ones for you.

Yes the sex might be great and that would be a fantasy to play out in the bedroom, but thats where it would stay! I'm a Taurus female. My first real relationship was with a Scorpio man. His personality seemed so strong compared to mine. But usually compared to all the other men I'd met before him I had always been the strong one But definately not compared to this Scorpio. What about Scorpio men with the other signs???

So your better off just staying away from them! On round 2 with Scorpio man. I am a Taurus woman. The only conversation that I can get from him is sexual in nature. For a Taurus woman who likes attention this just doesn't cut it.

It is almost like a vendetta that I want to experience the "scorpio" man like everything I have read. This is the end of the road for me. At the end of the day, this guy does not give me what I need and I have a very attentive, sweet Pisces who is on the other line just waiting for my next move.

Taurus Woman – Scorpio Man

I am not gonna let him got by. I am a Taurus woman who was in a nine-year relationship with a Scorpio man. The first five years were bliss. The rest were characterised by nine months of bliss, and three of hell during which he withdrew everything from affection to sex. He would then "get back" into the relationship as though nothing happened. This cycle happened over and over again, the good times reducing from nine months a year to six until the whole year was just too much.

I called it quits six months ago - and both of were so miserable it wasn't funny. However, I moved on three months ago - and lo and behold - I find another Scorpio.

This one seems more intense and I am not sure I have the stomach to take another emotional roller coaster ride again. If it starts, I am out of there.

taurus woman dating a scorpio

I have nothing to prove to anyone He spends money I save, he tells white lies I am blunt and always tell the truth, he is messy I am clean, he is not organized I have the whole year planned out. For him it was love at first site I think he told me he loved me on our second date and after 5 years he is still head over heals in love. Me it takes time. For the guy who think he ll make a Taurus lady his sex slave, I cant stop laughing: Ul nvr understand till the very end who conquered whom!!

Finally when you know ul be in bits and pieces after Taurus ladies!! Lol you don't brag too much, truth is only a Taurus lady has the real courage to conquer even you guys. I Love My Scorpio Man. He is very intellectual, but not overly so. He is very smart, and can recall amazing facts when needed, and is a great listener. Making him wonderful to talk to. He is smart, but not in a degrading way to me.

He loves deep conversations. He is very considerate, and loving. He is a lot like the description, but never in a bad way. We are also so connected and passionate in the bedroom. Do they not have any deeper feelings for Taurus girls? English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise in advance for any language mistakes I make. I've had a long distance relationship with a Scorpio man for almost a year and half and I'm a Taurus, of course. The relationship is very complicated not only because of the distance but because his character is very complicated although he says he is a simple man.

He is loving and affectionate and light-hearted most of the time, and then he is distant, introvert, reserved, There is no consistency in his behaviour and I understand that his moodiness is due to the whole situation he loves me, but he is married and his job involves a lot of travelling, so he can't be with his children, although he would like to and he can't be with me because he doesn't want to make his children unhappy - that's what he says.

However, he says we'll be together sooner or later when the time is ripe for that. I'm not sure if I want to end up with him in life. I love him and I feel at an intuitive level that he's my soul mate.

On the other hand, I can also feel that he is stubborn, possessive, jealous, controlling and domineering and I am the same, but I resent being controlled or domineered, and I think he hates that too. At the moment I am thinking of getting out of this so-called relationship because it's been too intense, too mentally draining, and probably I can call it unhealthy at least for me.

I stopped communicating with him a week ago and I already feel much better emotionally. Before that, it was as if a spell was cast on me and I couldn't do anything about it. OMG I never thought there are so many women like me had betten up by scorpio. I was married wiht this Scorpio man and yes he drive my emotion crazy I almost want to kill my self, he wanted me to be his pet and let him takeover the lesh.

He hit me and latter he said "I know I am not suppose to hit you but I won't tell you sorry, this is the word that you never going to hear from me". He was extremly jelous, controler, disrespectful, selfish and thinks his word is law. After nine months I left him and he toke all my jewelry and clothes. Since I was a Taurus woman I was acting like his slave I did every thing he said but finally I quit and that was the only good thing that ever did to my self. Now I afraid of love and relationship.

I get lots of attention from men but I cant move on I afraid of getting hurt, and I completely lost my confident. Those who is happy just be their but those who has a little of problem just move on before it is late. Then I found out he had lied to me and got drunk and confronted him, out he walked, has been torturing me with mind games every since. The jealousy and games were far more than I could deal with. Sadly, communication was lacking on his part - and he was solely the ONLY important person in his world.

This Scorpio man had high expectations of what he expected of me and as a wife and partner and mother of his children. However, when it came to the expectations I should have of him, there should be no restrictions. I realized that even after trying to leave him and asking him to leave if he was so unhappy and continuing to make everyone around him unhappy, he would not leave.

The Scorpio man lives by double standards at least my ex-husband didhe was concerned that all else saw him as kind, loyal and giving. His true colors proved to be completely opposite of what he wanted to be seen as. They Scorpio men are quiet, for fear of saying to much and giving up their true person and divulging their secret lives and lies - they are sexual, yes, but also sel fishly indulgent in extra-marital affairs, they are cold-hearted and selfish when it comes to exerting themselves for the good of anyone aside from themselves.

The best part of my 23 year marriage were the times he was gone. Finding out about his numerous extra marital affairs was final the key to having him free me of fulfilling his needs. Once I had that ammunition,there was no more reasons to listen to as to why he could not oblige me and get a divorce.

It appears that Scorpio men want it all and do not like being rejected and they do not like the thought of possibly being alone. They need everyone to say yes to them and cannot deal with the word "no". They don't take losing well, even if know what's best for them.

Very strong traits are they cannot be trusted and their quietness is not being reserved or shy, it's a plotting and seeing what and when is the best time to strike. They don't mind hurting, but they do not like to be hurt.

Taurus Woman – Scorpio Man | Simply Sun Signs

Double standards and extremely jealous. I'm a Taurus girl who is in love with a gorgeous Scorpio man. He is so beautiful, his way of speaking sooths me and plays off as a sweet melody to my ears. His gaze astounds me, now the only thing that satisfy me is his presences.

This may sound ludicrous but, I can always sense him even without thinking about it. We use to talk from time to time and when we did we were like magnets unable to detach from each other.

No one could interfere because we were in our own personal universe. She will assess most situations before jumping in because she values trust. In fact, it pays off. But, also like Scorpio, she can turn jealous and possessive when she sees a threat to domestic bliss. When provoked, her rage knows no match. Can this love last? In times of conflict, it can become very difficult for Scorpio men and Taurus women to find a resolution.

He exerts his venomous sting, and she will charge at him will in full capacity. And when she loses her composure, he tends to add even more emotions to the equation. They can be so powerful together, but they have also been known to implode. Perhaps the greatest red flags to fall upon these two signs are their jealous and possessive natures.