Dating a girl with vitiligo

What Dating with Vitiligo Taught Me about Self-Love

dating a girl with vitiligo

A woman was so fed up of people staring at her skin she's had a tattoo "A few boys in my class told me, 'I can't date you because of this'. So I bet you guys are wondering whether I got a date or not, right? Well, sadly I didn't get a Would you go on a date with a girl with Vitiligo?. There is a Suicide Girl with vitiligo and she still looks gorgeous. So if you are a good person and confident I would definitely date you regardless of your vitligio.

Возможно, что сейчас не время и не место углубляться в вопросы служебной этики.

dating a girl with vitiligo

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- Так вот… - Соши шумно вздохнула.