Mingle2 dating site reviews

Mingle2 Review: Real Facts on Whether This Site Really Works

mingle2 dating site reviews

Helpful. 6 people found this review helpful. Not sure how to choose? Get expert buying tips about Online Dating Sites and Services delivered to your inbox. Review Details. Overall Average. • / 5 (by 20 Users) for Mingle 2. Description: Rating & Reviews by other singles for the free online dating site Mingle 2. Developed in , Mingle2 is a completely free dating site which was previously known as JustSayHi. With over 3 million site visitors daily, Mingle2 is a.

I joined it thinking I would finally find a way to find women to hook up with but in the end I was just really letdown by the site as a whole. They really should have tried hard to make the site something worth using. Orville March 21st, Fuck this site and fuck all of the women on it.


Theyre rude and unattractive and I really wish there was something more to say about them other than how awful they are. I just know I didn? Hopefully it ends up being something really great for me because I could definitely use the extra fun in my life.

I was a huge idiot for falling for this site in the first place, and now I feel even worse because I was warned about it before I even signed up.

mingle2 dating site reviews

I should have listened to my friends. Ozer-Air April 29th, I joined Mingle2. None of them knew the meaning of casual hookup it seemed like. I thought I was going to have fun on here.

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Instead, I ended up getting insulted and wishing that I had never been born. They seemed to think it was actually pretty funny.

mingle2 dating site reviews

When we started talking, I brought this up and then they said they were 33 and lived in Denver, Colorado 1st red flag I ignored cause I was vulnerable at the timethought it was a possible mistake. On top of that, their number at least the area code said they were located in Nevada. False info on their profile 3. Number revealed actual location. I told them at the time I was 21 years old, and from the beginning I was skeptic then they tried to do reverse psychology and said I had trust issues.

mingle2 dating site reviews

Then I told my family about this and they said not to speak to my family about them That was another warning sign. I held my ground and blocked that number along with the first one. Luckily I deleted my profile way before the threats came in so they literally had nothing on me but bluffing scare tactics. This is really sad cause they are identity thieves too.

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They gave me a fake name which is not even theirs but an elderly woman's name cause I researched the name and it belongs to a woman in her 50's, located in Colorado and it is the only person with that specific name they gave me. This creep said they were a woman in her 30's, so I guess when I was persistent about proof of identity, they quickly stole a name they found and lied to me which I was smart enough to research and found it belongs to someone else.

mingle2 dating site reviews

Never again will I be so foolish. It's just that simple, and the option to use either your username or your email means you should never forget how to log in to your account. Search options can get quite detailed, although the basic search is fairly straightforward.

mingle2 dating site reviews

Basic search allows members to search using filters of sexual orientation, age range, and distance from an inputted zip code. To get more precise, head over to the advanced search option, which allows users to filter by any of the required search fields height, body type, ethnicity, marital status, current children, children wanted, religion, and drinking and smoking habits.

Finally, users may search by interest. Upon discovering others in searches, users have a handful of options to show interest and get the conversation rolling. Matching lets that individual know someone is interested in her without revealing who, until that profile likes you as well!