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, 17/12/18, 17/12/18, 10, Small Sided Games Survey , Under 11's , 07/12/18, 07/12/18, 10, DDSL Rule Book season .. Can you please let outstanding clubs know that closing date is Wednesday the 23rd for entry as. Tomorrow is the deadline for transfers of under 15s among DDSL clubs a club from the age of 12 when signed by clubs from another country. No fixtures will be published for under 15 & 16 age groups before the Junior In cup games - 10 mins e/w E/T + FIFA penalty rule to apply in cup games, the match of €50 per week for late returning of the cups will be imposed after that date.

Similarly, the transfer window appears to favour the National League teams.

Kildare and DDSL to meet in Kennedy Cup Final

Added to a lack of consultation on the part of the FAI, and an attendant loss of revenue, it is no wonder that such moves have caused more than a little disquiet in schoolboy circles. Martin Loughran of Crumlin United has no problem with "the best players playing in the best league" but he thinks the FAI went about it the wrong way.

We have four playing in the Kennedy Cup, and one went already to St Pat's; I have no issue with that, but how do we replace the other three with the window closed?

They had been with them since they started playing as a team at the age of seven. As Cherry Orchard veteran John Wilkes explained: It's a ruthless system.

DDSL small sided game changes

So we'll have players at 13 being told they're not good enough and being let go. The law of the jungle applies. The failure rate at under 19 shows that a lot of players are being lost to the game, they don't go on to junior or intermediate football.

Then the best players were sold on quickly, in order to fund the operation. It is not an endorsement of the behaviour of others.

Principles are easy to espouse, without considering who pays the price for a withdrawal - the kids who have worked hard to get this far. There will be no winners here, those that remain play in a worthless competition but I guess Rory's point is at least they are playing. Those that have pulled out don't play at all. Kids don't always know wrong from right and it's up to the adults involved to teach them this.

Very hard to call on the Cork clubs action in pulling the teams the way it's turning out competition going on with just them left out but with a bit of unity the DDSL might have been forced to pull out as they'd have been the only teams left in it. All the other leagues have done is show that they are willing to roll over.

That kind of appeasement may not work out too well. If it happens again next year, what then? Will spines suddenly appear, or will it be the same meekness? Far from it No CEO of any organisation would get away with the arbitrary dumping of that body's rule book.

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  • FAI overhaul leaves irate schoolboy clubs counting cost

This one certainly won't. No - the congratulations are due to yourselves. You are now in contention to win a completely devalued national title.

You should give a little bit of consideration to the wider issues here rather than sneering at the people who actually took a stand. I think his sarcasm or "sneer" was directed at the SFAI rather then the clubs who pulled out in protest.

Kildare and DDSL to meet in Kennedy Cup Final | Football Association of Ireland

I assume from your comment that you interpreted it differently. Its disgraceful that it has come to this and the kids are the ones suffering but I would agree that the clubs who have withdrawn are correct in their actions. Certainly couldnt imagine them breaking their own rules. I'd like to think it can still be challenged but so far it's carry on regardless. Many of the teams so defeated didn't even have opposition to "defeat" them - the apparent wrong being doubled - the opposition in question hadn't even finished their last 32 qualification process.

I wouldn't feel that this is all over yet - the wrong and hurt involved here is too deep. It's an sfai rule not have seeded draw therefore sfai have to rule in favour of club A. It's a Cup for kids. It does not matter what you or me think about the value of the cup. I just enjoy the football.

I did give it a lot of consideration and in my opinion pulling out is the wrong way to go about this as I have explained in previous posts. Hopefully this is all over and all rules will be applied and abide by next season. Personally I think this will be the case as no-one wants a mess like this again.