Yubin and taecyeon dating

Taecyeon went to MuBank to support Yubin - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

yubin and taecyeon dating

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Taecyeon went to MuBank to support Yubin . Yubin and Taecyeon are officially long time friends, there was never a rumor of them dating. 년 6월 20일 Grown (Grand Edition) Taecyeon, Yoo Bin, San E, Lyrics/작사: 유빈, San E, Taecyeon aka TY Composer/작곡: Taecyeon aka TY.

Sunmi remembered how Yubin refused to have any of those green cat plushie or slippers anywhere near her. But now she was OK with it? Sunmi would have headed straight to her room and question her roommate on their on-and-off relationship.

But instead, Sunmi decided to gossip with her other unnie. Good, she was still awake. Sunmi peered into the room and found Yeeun on her laptop.

yubin and taecyeon dating

They are back together. Sunmi let out and shook her head. Or what did she do this time? Can you imagine Yub going around asking them for the song?!

You should ask them how they got back together. When I heard the story from Taec, I was convinced Yub edited out some embarrassing parts. The part about her secretly asking the PDs for the song, I knew it from Taec, not her.

I would think she told you everything. They chatted all night long they hardly had enough sleep. She had to wake up to go to work now but Yubin could use some more beauty sleep.

yubin and taecyeon dating

Their long girl talk last night was full of laughter and tears. Tears that Sunmi was surprised to see Yubin let out relentlessly for the first time. Thankfully, they were more happy tears than sad tears. After washing up and changing, Sunmi headed out of the room and into the kitchen.

She found an awakened Taec oppa this time and he was making breakfast.

Taecyeon from 2PM - It's Time [feat. Yubin (Wonder Girls) and San E] - Color Coded Lyrics

He still looked sleepy and she was surprised he was up this early. You want some scrambled eggs? I mean people would be more careful in dating and they might only just date and marry one person in their life. Taec stopped whipping the eggs in the bowl and pointed at Sunmi with his fork, deciphering her theory in another way. God, Sunmi, if only you knew how I was way more heart-broken.

She did not say that. Yubin had told her they had a big fight when Taec cancelled their vacation because he received an acting offer he could not refuse.

yubin and taecyeon dating

Yubin could understand his work requirements but she could not handle the pain she went through planning every little detail of their supposed week-long once in a blue moon vacation that she was so looking forward to and it had to be scraped off eventually.

She thought hard how her heart was in pain thinking how many times things like this was going to happen to them in their relationship. So Yubin wanted a break from the relationship and Sunmi knew Taec oppa did not take it very well at that time. All I can say is, if the heart can break a few times, it means it has the ability to mend well too. Like brand new hearts.

We always tend to think there are better ones for us out there but then I realized, who else is better than us?! Sunmi chuckled at his words. This pair did have their stubborn confident ways. Perhaps that was why they keep going back to each other. Taec let out a short laugh and nodded. He remembered how he actually wanted to give Yubin a cd of a song he composed for her but he was too much a coward to give her in the end.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

At the last moment when he passed her the belated birthday present of a perfume with the cd, he quickly snatched the bag back from her and took back the cd in there. It got Yubin curious all right as she went on a hunt to find that song. Finally, one night she stormed into the recording studio where she found him and asked to speak to him privately.

Yeeun, Sohee, Hyerim, Yubin and Sunye. Following the tour, the Wonder Girls debuted a music video for "Now", a cover of the Fin. In Marchthe Wonder Girls confirmed that the group would launch in an English-language music career in the United States with the official release of an English version of "Nobody" in summer The Wonder Girls were initially signed on for 13 concert dates across the US, but they were eventually given the opportunity to join the Jonas Brothers for a total of 45 concert dates.

Sunmi's departure put many of group's American plans into disarray. The Wonder Girls had been preparing an English album, with six tracks to consist of English versions of Korean singles and the other half of brand new material, initially scheduled for release in February The tour was eventually extended to add an additional leg in which label mates, 2AMwould open for the group during certain dates. The title track was recorded in three different languages: Chinese, Korean and English.

They appeared on M. Countdown on May 22, On May 27, the Wonder Girls won their first No. Wonder World and further international ventures[ edit ] Main articles: JYP Entertainment 's CEO Park Jin-young hinted on his Twitter account that he had written a new song for the group while recording in the drama Dream High [49] and later tweeted that other producers were involved in producing the album.

Producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Claude Kelly were revealed to be participating in the album and that the album was to be released by one of the three major labels of America.

On June 30, it was announced on their official website that the girls had been invited to perform at the Special Olympics closing ceremonies in AthensGreece.

B and Bruno Mars' "Nothin' on You".

yubin and taecyeon dating

We'll be planning our concept to fit around the feel of the song, so as opposed to retro, we feel that it will be more pop. The Wonder Girls will definitely be coming out with a new image, so please look forward to it. Wonder World was announced as the group's second full-length album and was released on November 7, along with the single "Be My Baby".

The album featured more writing and production input from the group members. Promotions for Wonder World began with a comeback stage on Music Bank on November 11 and continued through January The movie premiered on February 2 on the TeenNick channel, and featured the then-unreleased English song " Like Money ". Following the release of the movie, the group received proposals from major broadcasting companies in the United States, and were in talks concerning full U. The twelve-track album was said to have been completed and was scheduled for a summer release.

The group released their mini-album Wonder Party on June 3, The album's lead single, "Like This", premiered on the same day. In mid-June, it was announced that the group would be making their debut in Japan under DefStar Recordswith a release of a Japanese-language version of "Nobody".

The single release was called " Nobody for Everybody " and was released on July In early Septemberthe group performed three new songs from their then-upcoming English-language album at an iHeartRadio concert. On October 29,Wonder Girls participated in a joint-interview with Nick Cannon in which they discussed the release of their English-language album as well as a new show showcasing the Wonder Girls as a spin-off from their original movie. Group hiatus, Sunye and Sohee's departure[ edit ] Sunye announced in November that she would get married in January ; JYP announced that the group would go on hiatus.

On July 23,it was announced that Yeeun would be making her debut as solo artist under the pseudonym Ha: Her debut mini-album Me?