When do dan and blair start dating

Gossip Girl: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair And Chuck’s Relationship

when do dan and blair start dating

Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf do not have a friendship or a romance in the Dan and Blair started out as enemies in Season One, but because of Serena Dan and Blair began dating in The Princess Dowry, but their relationship is up in . When Gossip Girl started, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) was just a lonely boy There was no reason for Dan to end up dating any of the women he knew in I'm pointing this out because Blair and Dan should be together. I know this is going to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "unpopular opinion", but I'm not afraid. Like a solider or a failed presidential.

We are introduced to newcomer Dan and his family. Moreover, we learn that Chuck is a complete creep who tried to assault not one, but two characters. Not only did Chuck try to take advantage of Serena earlier in the episode but he also preyed on Jenny as well.

The season 3 finale had the couple meeting at the top of the Empire State building if they wanted to be together. Having suffered yet another broken heart thanks to Blair, Chuck decided the best way to get over Blair was getting with someone else. Jenny, who he'd attacked in the pilot. Although she came looking for Nate, she decided to use Chuck to cure her loneliness instead.

Even better, Chuck later blamed Blair for his decision to sleep with Jenny. Whether it is said in rebellion to them being too strict or not supporting their interests, teens often lash out stating they hope never to grow up to be their parents.

This familiar aspect of adolescent life became a repetitive theme in Gossip Girl, especially for Chuck and Blair. This agenda changed, however when their life plans changed drastically. With Chuck setting his sights on being a success at business and Blair trying to find her purpose but noting her eye for fashionin the end, Chuck ran Bass Industries, and Blair started her own fashion line, just like their parents.

They never learned to accept each other as they were and continued to focus on being a success before anything else. In fact, this mindset became their focus in the final season of the show. Despite being engaged, they still wanted to hold off on their relationship until they are both successes in their own right. After failing to win back Blair from Prince Louis, Chuck found himself desperate to get back his Blair.

Chuck lost his temper and punched a window near Blair, causing the broken glass to fall and cut her cheek. Despite her feelings, she tells him that they can't be together because of the prenup and the dowry Crazy Cupid Love.

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  • Blair-Dan Relationship

At the hospital, they finally realize their true feelings for each other and enter into a relationship The Princess Dowry. Soon after, they attempt to consummate their relationship but are disappointed when the first time is awkward and terrible. After they both get drunk, they hook up in the elevator in the VDW building and decide that they connect "sexually" as well as intellectually Con Heir. Blair receives her divorce papers, but doesn't sign them.

Dan finds out that Chuck paid her dowry and assumes that that's why she didn't sign. However, she admits to him that she didn't sign because she wasn't ready to stop being a princess yet.

To solve her problem, he dresses her up in a gown and brings her to the Met steps to meet some fans of hers It-Girl Interrupted.

when do dan and blair start dating

In Salon of the Deadthey clash over who's world they want to let their relationship live in. To reach a consensus, they host a salon that ends up getting crashed by Serena, Nate, Chuck, and Lola RhodesSerena's cousin.


It ends up failing, but they decide to try and make things work anyway. After reading that Dan is highbrow while she is lowbrow, Blair plots to make herself more relevant. In her quest, she ruins a party in Dan's honor but he forgives her, and agrees to help her find out who she really is Despicable B.

He invites Blair to come with him, but she dances around giving him an answer. After finding out she's back to scheming with Chuck, he lies to her that he lost the fellowship to someone else.

However, she finds out that isn't true and encourages him to take it. She agrees to go with him to Italy, despite Dan wondering why she hasn't said she loves him back yet The Fugitives. In the finale The Return of the Ringpages from Blair's diary are released, in those pages Blair admits she is afraid of her never being able to love someone as much as she loves Chuck even though the relationship with Dan was good and she felt intellectually stimulated.

Dan & Blair - Start Again

This statement upsets Dan. She steals his phone to keep him from seeing, but he sees anyway. He tells her that if she cares about him, she'll meet him at the Shepherds' divorce party to tell him.

She debates whether to go, but ultimately chooses to end their relationship to be with Chuck. Meanwhile Serena meets Dan at the Sheperd's and tells him that his love for "Blair" was based on the character he created but not on the real Blair, she tells Dan that the "real Blair" has always loved scheming and that it will always be a part of her nature.

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Dan does not trust Blair and finally decides to hook up with Serena after she confesses her love for him. Serena kisses Dan and records everything on her cellphone. Blair is reluctant whether not to pursue Chuck, but she comes to realize she has always loved Chuck and goes to Monaco to tell Chuck she's ready to be with him.

Dan is angry that she left him to maybe be with Chuck, and informs her that she and Chuck have excuses but not a great love. After becoming homeless, Dan asks Blair if he can stay with her for awhile. She agrees to let him stay Portrait of a Lady Alexanderand he decides he wants to win her back. He offers to escort her to Cotillion, but she kicks him out of her apartment and ends their struggling friendship after his sex tape with Serena airs at the ball Monstrous Ball.

when do dan and blair start dating

Blair confronts Dan for cheating on her with Serena During Thanksgiving Dinner, Blair tries to convince Serena not to get back together with Dan because he's bad news.

Serena doesn't believe her, until his serial pinning her as a golden shell comes out. Afterwards, Blair and everyone else begins to ice him out It's Really Complicated. This continues until Dan helps Chuck defeat a newly resurrected Bart Bass. Blair thanks him for doing the right thing, but takes it back after she learns Serena may move to Los Angeles after Dan's article on her The Revengers.

when do dan and blair start dating

She asks about their previous kiss, and Blair tells her it only confirmed to her that she wanted to be with Chuck, not Dan. Dan leaves Blair and Serena to talk, and Serena confronts Blair about her secret friendship with Dan. She accuses Blair that she only wants to be Dan 's friend because Dan was once hers.

Blair defends her relationship with Danclaiming that they have a real connection. She tells Serena that she will no longer be in her shadow and that she and Louis will be together and happy.

She leaves the party. Charlie, meanwhile, goes to Dan 's loft in Brooklyn to apologize for her actions at the party. She tells Dan that she thinks he really likes Blairand he says he does. In the season finale, Blair is going to spend the summer in Monaco and Dan will spend time with Eric in the Hamptons.

Louis has asked Blair to marry him, and she has accepted. Dan and Blair make plans to watch movies together, as friends, over Netflix.