Thinkers and feelers dating

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thinkers and feelers dating

MBTI and Marriage: When Thinkers Marry Feelers .. years of friendship and dating beforehand along with several crises that we've dealt with. such as the thinker and feeler, work a bit harder in relationships to Contact the counselor to see if an earlier date can be scheduled to meet. Women are kind and empathetic, but also cry too much and think with their hearts , rather than their heads. Meanwhile, men are rational.

thinkers and feelers dating

We haven't moved in together yet, but we are planning to this year. Probably moving across the country. Does the spark really vanish from relationships over time?

thinkers and feelers dating

The first date was pure excitement! I had just moved to a new city and felt totally lost and alone, away from all my friends, my alma mater, and the place that had given my life structure for the past 20 years.

The Battle of Thinkers vs Feelers

To go from that, to suddenly meeting a person who seems genuinely interested in me and in doing stuff with me When I expressed to her that this first date is probably the most precious memory of my life, she kind of laughed at me because "we barely knew each other". But feelers get a sense of trust pretty easily. I could just feel she was right, something I'd never felt on any other dates she is my first girlfriend and I still feel it a year and a half later.

thinkers and feelers dating

The later dates were still magical. Whereas for her, these feelings increase security, but decrease the magic. So we go in different directions. I think it can, ya, with time. I don't believe that fighting and arguing is a good sign of a relationship, that it shows "passion" or some other BS. That's kind of an archaic viewpoint.

You can still care without expressing it in a hurtful way. There's other ways to find common ground and resolve differences than screaming at each other. I just think we've made monogamy the rule, when it's actually the exception. If that magical spark lasts forever, you can definitely be with just one person.

But when it's only a one-way street, or neither partner feels it and you have to make a conscious effort to "spice things up", then you have to question what you're still doing together. I'm a combination of a thinker and a feeler. When I meet a woman when I'm out and about, I usually feel a spark immediately or I don't. When I do feel a spark, I feel all giddy for a short period of time.

Depends the woman but usually a week to as long as a month.

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As soon as I start caring too much, I shut down. I think about how much I'll hurt when she's gone instead of thinking of the amazing times ahead. I think about how she might not except me in time or might pack her stuff up and leave.

What's My Personality: Thinking or Feeling?

I'm really cautious due to my ex-fiancee and I's breakup. It was really bad and I cried every day for like six months. I'm a lot colder from that experience and have been breaking up with every women I've been in a relationship since her. Women don't breakup with me, I tend to breakup with them.

My last ex can say she broke up with me but I don't consider that a relationship and the breakup was completely mutual.

Understanding Temperaments: Thinkers and Feelers.

I'm like you with the harmony and tranquility. I believe in monogamy because of my faith. But in the Bible, people were married to more than one spouse. Still though, marriage was created to be between one man and one woman. With that said, I still enjoy a woman's company and don't mind being strictly friends.

I've had really, really bad luck with women but yet I still know there are good ones out there. Most women don't like a guy like me so the ones I have been dating have their own problems.

Lets not get into why women don't like me but I'm still man enough to admit that and acknowledge it. I'm a loner and it's mainly that most people don't understand me. So do you feel like things are still going to work out between you and her?

You mention how to her, things are mundane. You think she'll try to make it work? Sorry to hear that.

thinkers and feelers dating

From what I hear, when trust is broken once it can lead to automatically distancing yourself when you sense the potential for betrayal again. That way you shut down before anyone has a chance to hurt you. I can imagine it's really difficult to let someone in after an experience like that. Well, we're going to try it for a year and see what happens. Relationship experts say that two partners who can complement each other with their world-view or thinking pattern may survive in the relationship longer.

What Makes You Unattractive? For example, when two deeply emotional people are hurt, both of them may feel depressed instead of consoling each other.

And when two logical minds start arguing, the argument may never end as they keep coming up with explanations to win. Why Men Should Smile More But when one is a thinker and one is a feeler, the relationship may survive well at least in a majority of cases. People with logical minds are thinkers and those with an emotional mindset are feelers.

Both have their own set of plus points. Feelers see the good first. In the event of the above, the Feeler begins seeking out the good things in the relationship as validation for staying together. Because of these different perspectives, the ability to tackle a crisis and come through it in one piece increases.

The Battle of Thinkers vs Feelers by John Grey, PhD

Conflicts are natural for Thinkers. They are disasters for Feelers. They feel fear and will suffer until there is harmony between the two parties once again.

In addition, they will strive to restore harmony using all means necessary. As is evident from the above, Thinkers are about conflict resolution, whereas Feelers are all about conflict avoidance!

thinkers and feelers dating

The Thinker is usually the individual who has to be proactive about restoring harmony in the relationship. Feelers wait for Thinkers to solve a problem.