Spelman and morehouse dating games

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spelman and morehouse dating games

Y, because you cant spelman campus the whole week of orientation. You got the Mall, bowling, movies, hawks games, braves games, concerts HOMECOMING its was fun. bring a nice dress for the homecoming ball. I personally enjoy clark guys better, my friends like morehouse guys. . Online Dating. See more of Spelman College-Official Site on Facebook began long before each of them stepped on the campuses of Morehouse and Spelman. Though they were dating other people, Curtis and Daria remained connected during People · Pages · Page Categories · Places · Games · Locations · Marketplace · Groups. Morehouse and Spelman, which are some of the nation's oldest historically Students at both Spelman and Morehouse responded to her accusations .. as it's claimed she's 'happily single' despite Luka Sabbat dating rumors .. kissing wife of 54 years as he throws first ball at Yankees vs Red Sox game.

In Rod We Trust Aight, me and my friends are about to end our freshman year here at spelman college, so we decided to write sorta the female version to pimptights 'letter' to incoming freshman.

Homecoming | Spelman College

Y, because you cant spelman campus the whole week of orientation. Its cool, but then u have those girls that cant wait for the week to end, and they are tryna climb over spelmans gates One girl had her hand bandaged b. There are many programs that they tell us we are required to go to, you dont really have to but we reccommend going to them, this when u begin to make aquintances. Sometime that week you are assigned an SOL leader and she is supposed to guide you, and answer ne questions you might have about the school, thats str8 cuz u meet friends.

Make sure u have white outfit, skin tone stockings, and blk closed shoes. When we go out of 'prison' thats when the school year really started. Manley thats where we stay is rigth near the post office, cafe, grill, basically everything u need. HH, same this as manley LLC is kinda far away, but its close to the gym The bathrooms are not nazi style, they have curtains, so u can shower in peace.

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In manley we have a section of the shower wear u can sit down, and put ur clothes down, and hang them up. Bathrooms dependin on how the people on ur floor are usually are clean. Some dorms have computer labs, exercise rooms, air conditioning. RIVARLY There is rivarly between the 3 schools, the dorms, the states, the classes Everyone has there chants and cheers all that, but in the end its all in fun, in some cases.

There are, I mean, there are a couple of, I'm sure, of Morehouse men and as well as Clark men - college students as a whole who have those tendencies to - you see a numerous amount of women and you can't decide on which one, and I'm sure there are some who try to have more than one at one time.

spelman and morehouse dating games

What messages do you get from the leadership? Do they teach you about being a responsible man in the personal sense as well as a professional?

spelman and morehouse dating games

Being at a historically black college, you definitely have both aspects of the world, where you have your educational side as well as upcoming as a black man in the world and the challenges that you face, and coming together as a black community and knowing about your brotherhood as well as a sisterhood. Like I said, we have Spelman right there.

And just working together and knowing that you're going to have networking as the key, and not only that but you need to just understand the history of the African-American community.

Mainly our ethnicity - being at a historically black college, you focus more on the African descent. And you have a respectful understanding of what your ancestors have been through, and it's almost your duty to be a leader today and stand up and keep the legacy going.

spelman and morehouse dating games

So when you think about the different influences on how Morehouse men view sex - you've got music videos, celebrities, your academic leaders, your parents and family, and of course the women themselves who send messages to you. What's most important in that mix? I think it would be that though they probably do listen to it, they need to just be aware and understand that most of the songs today are just degrading, especially towards women. And as strong, black men in the community, they need to be aware that they are the ones that the youth look up to.

And they need to be a voice for the community and be aware that they need - in order for there to be a change, it has to start with them. And Morehouse men especially are the ones to definitely take that role and start it.

When you think about safe sex, I mean this - I'm asking you to really guesstimate here. And if you don't feel comfortable, then just let me know.

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First of all, out of the men on campus, how many do you think are actively having sex at least once a month, just from how you talk? And two, how many of those do you think are having safe sex? That's a tough number. I couldn't even tell you. It's a lot, yeah.


So you think most of the guys are having sex. At least, you know, half? What's the vibe on safe sex? Are people protecting themselves?

Life At SpelHouse (Morehouse & Spelman College)

And we have a lot of events and seminars and guest speakers who come continuously through our school just talking about safe sex and always wrapping it up and protection. They have AIDS testing on campus, like at campus health? They have AIDS testing. What do you love the most about dating at an HBCU? I would probably say - I don't even know. Well, just, you know, I'll put it this way.