Percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction

Percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction –

percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction

Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - Percy J., Annabeth C. - Chapters: . Neither of our families had any idea we were secretly dating. Annabeth's Secret Maybe it was because we weren't technically "dating" before , so we weren't really this close, "Percy, I would if I could!. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Percy J., Annabeth C. . Is it really so hard for you to understand that I don't want to date you?.

So if you like this one check out my other story where Annabeth meets Percy's friends. Oh My Gosh, Justin Hunter is walking towards us. I had been watching him and his buddies play on the basketball court through the library window for the past twenty minutes. Annabeth had been attempting to tutor me in biology for the past half an hour but I will be honest as soon as the shirts came off outside for their game my mind had wandered away from the gross worms that Annie had been talking about too much different things.

She stopped mid lecture to give me a quizzical look. You need to get an attention span transplant because yours has stopped working. She had started to pack up her many books into her bright orange backpack.

She gave me the why-are-we-friends-again look; I am very used to that look after knowing Annabeth for most of the year.

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And why do you always call him by his first and last name. He's not a rock star. I mean he is the best looking guy to ever grace the halls of Columbus High. And you can't honestly say that if he asked you out you would turn him down. I sat in shock for a moment before bolting after her. Jealousy seeped into my every pore. Annabeth is the best but sometimes it is hard to be best friends with someone so perfect.

percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction

First off, she is so beautiful, easily the prettiest girl in school, not that she flaunts it or uses it to her advantage, I mean she doesn't even wear makeup. She is just naturally drop dead gorgeous. The more petty part of me hates her. She said it's because her parents are really strict and she spends a lot of her time studying but I think that she just likes being smarter than anyone she may meet. She is also athletic and just plain nice which made her the perfect catch for any guy.

Or should I say every guy, since up until a few days ago Justin was the only guy who had yet to ask her out. But for some reason she always turned them down. I was just about to come up with an oh so witty come back when I was distracted by a figure in the doorway of the library. I could not imagine why. Though now that I think about it she had been slightly distracted all day; which for Annabeth means she got one question wrong on her test.

Her distracted is better than me paying attention. Too brightly; he probably thinks that I am some girl with a crazy crush on him. I am of course, but he didn't have to know that. My ego took a hit from that. Justin's smirk faltered obviously not expecting that answer. The sing-a-longs continued for a while. A new song had been added about last summer's triumph.

percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction

New half-bloods didn't seem to understand the meaning, but I didn't think it would be long before they did. It may had been last August, and it was June, but camp was still buzzing about it. Looks came from the Athena cabin, but mostly newbies.

Even Tyson is singing along. He sounded like a choked penguin, but it was a definite improvement on my singing. I could've sworn that the flames jumped a bit higher. She leaned her head against my shoulder and sang along.

Now, usually nymphs and Aphrodite's daughters sang well Hephaestus's children especially sounded like dying robot turtles but I'd never noticed how Annabeth sang. Maybe it was because we weren't technically "dating" before, so we weren't really this close, but her voice was really beautiful.

It wasn't "mystic" like the sirens, but it was still nice. After the sing-a-long, campers slowly left to go to their cabins until only Annabeth and I were left. Grover and Juniper walked along the beach together, just happily.

percy and annabeth secretly dating fanfiction

I remembered a time when it wasn't possible to have so much happiness around camp. Now, I had Annabeth next to me, as we watched the peaceful fire crackle and the couple on the beach. Before I even knew what was going on, Grover and Juniper leaned in and kissed.

Annabeth made a small, happy noise. Probably just the smoke. There wasn't much smoke being emitted from the fire, and viruses tended not to get in through camp borders, unless someone came in sick.

Still, I knew basically everyone here, and nobody was coughing. Once, she had mentioned to me that they were a "cute couple", though I didn't understand what that meant.