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Lee Jong Suk's agency revealed, "It is true that Lee Jong Suk received the casting offer for the film, 'Young Blood', and is currently reviewing it.". Actor Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young have been the center of attention ever since their lovely chemistry on the recently finished drama “Oh My. Talk to Lee Jong Suk about his dating life and his ears may burn red. When he learned that he was rumored to be dating "School " co-star Park Se Young, he promptly spit out Lee Bo Young was open about her relationship with then boyfriend and now . TERMS OF SERVICE · PRIVACY POLICY.

This time, fans want the couple to actually end up together and have their well-deserved happy ending. IU and Lee Joon Gi are still good friends and they keep on supporting each other in their personal endeavors. They were the ones who kept fueling fans desires, they kept praising each other in various interviews after the drama concluded.

Her agency firmly denied the awful rumors and stated that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun were nothing more than co-workers, crushing many kdrama fans fantasies. Park Shin Hye a lot of oppas Park Shin Hye is one of the very few female Korean actresses who has great chemistry with any male co-star she works with.

Fans for long thought that the two were actually dating in real life, they were even captured by Dispatch, they were revealed to have been on an outing as friends not as lovers. Fans were very shocked by their great chemistry. Their kiss scenes were done very well.

Lee Jong Suk had also admitted that his heart fluttered for Suzy, Suzy laughed it off but fans continued to ship them until very recently. Suzy is currently dating actor Lee dong Wook.

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The drama was a huge success. Park Seo Joon has never had such great chemistry with any of his previous co-stars. The two on-screen couple was a great team, both filled with flaws but find strength in each other. The couple was one of the most beloved couples of The on-screen couple also did a photoshoot together; they looked so gorgeous and appeared to be a real couple.

Their chemistry and their goofiness behind the scenes made fans speculate whether the two were dating in real life or not. Sadly, the two are not dating. Recently, they had been involved in dating rumors, both quickly denied them. However in Pinocchio, her body language shows no such rejection, and their closeness in the InStyle magazine is highly suggestive too—what can this mean? Some food for thought for those who cares. This is a personal observation.

Starlight Angels can agree to disagree. I supposed some of these ships are still intact since the couple denied their relationship. Excuse the SukWoo ship, LOL, I just had to put it in there because 1 fans do ship their bromance mostly for funand 2 I like their friendship too. This combination is unexpected—mostly because there was no absolute link between them that could suggest they are seeing each other.

LOL, realisation came a little too late. Dispatch was brutal, giving Minzy couple no way but confirming their relationship—having caught them red-handed—meeting up and checking in a hotel together in England.

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Such a huge drop in quality of their stalking skills. They too, have been dating each other for about 2 years. Reportedly, he startled Lee Yoon Ji with that statement.