Nigerian actresses divorced and dating

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nigerian actresses divorced and dating

January 6, - 5 Popular Nollywood Actresses Who Divorced Their Till date, the duo has continued to diss each other by exchanging. divorce of his Italian wife in Nigeria. The jurisdictional issue whether he was still married in Italy remained. To date, we are unsure whether his. Nollywood Celebrity Divorces: 10 Nigerian Actors Who Divorced Their Spouses Over Irreconcilable Differences People often wonder why it.

She claimed he was very violent and made her loose her first pregnancy. Her husband said they were all lies and that she was only cooking things up to garner support. Well, well, well, the marriage which produced no child has ended and China has returned fully to her career.

nigerian actresses divorced and dating

He has since remarried. This Nollywood actor and producer also has a failed marriage. According to him, he stole her youth from her and did not let her pursue her dreams so he was releasing her to go find happiness somewhere else. They both have a daughter and they parted amicably.

nigerian actresses divorced and dating

Actress, politician and fitness expert, Kate has seen it all. According to reports, the divorce came without any bad blood. Inside rumours allege that there was infidelity from both ends. This was however dismissed as baseless.

The couple have since moved out but still live close to each other. They have a daughter named Ella. This pretty Rivers-born lady is one versatile actress. She did not seem eager on settling down until Segun Dejo-Richards came along.

The two were briefly married and it produced a daughter named Tamara. According to reports, Dejo-Richards had always been a wife beater which led to the break down of his first marriage.

Mother luck smiled on the movie star again and in AprilOkereke got married to Linus Idahosa in Paris, France, at a private wedding ceremony that was attended by members of her family and scores of Nollywood actresses and actors. Their first son Maxwell Enosata Linus was born in October and they continue to live happily ever-after.

nigerian actresses divorced and dating

Now, I handle issues differently. Few years down the line, Mercy found love again in the arms of equally divorced business man, Lewis Gentry.

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Clarion Chukwura Nollywood star actress, Clarion Chukwurah has found love again for the third time. The talented role interpreter and mother of multi-award winning musical video director, Clarence Peters, is presently enjoying marital bliss. Her new found love, America -based boyfriend, Anthony Boyd took her to the altar in April, They had a small and intimate outdoors ceremony. As of now, Osita Iheme has starred in many of Nollywood movies and won the multiple awards.

He can play both comedic and drama roles, even though he is more famous for his comedic ones. As for his personal life, Osita Iheme is still not ready to step into marriage. There were rumors about him getting married to Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown, but this relationship was not confirmed. He just wants to wait for the right person.

Rita Dominic She is one of the most popular Nigerian actresses, who can easily play any role she is given. The award-winning actress was born on July 12th, She is 43 years old now.

She was born in a royal family of Nwaturuocha, and was the youngest of four children. There were a lot of reports and photos of Rita Dominic getting married.

nigerian actresses divorced and dating

However, a majority of the photos which the media use as evidence are simply photos from movieswhere Rita Dominic plays a bride. In real life, she is still single.

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The actress confessed that she wants her future husband to love her for who she is and not because she is famous, and revealed that she would never marry someone because of his riches either. Sylvester Madu Aside being a great Nollywood actor, Sylvester Madu is also a model, director, entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist.

He is now 43 years of age, as he was born on January 11th, Sylvester comes from a huge family of twelve children, and he discovered his interest in acting when he was just five years old. After completing his studies, Sylvester immediately joined Nollywood and started pursuing his acting passion. Now, he is one of the most brilliant actors in Nigeria and has a lot of fans who enjoy watching his movies. Sylvester Madu is considered to be one of the most famous Nollywood bachelors.

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He does not really speak a lot about getting married, so it is unknown whether he is still looking for that perfect someone or just prefers staying single. Bimbo Akintola The Nigerian actress, who has a rich filmography and is able to capture any emotion, is another person on our list.

Bimbo Akintola is currently 48 years old. She was born on May 5th, in Ibadan, Oyo State. She dreamed about acting from the young age and successfully completed the Theater Arts program at the University of Ibadan.

10 Nollywood actresses whose marriages have crashed

This movie came out in Despite her career successes, Bimbo Akintola was never married, and she did not have any children.

She is strongly against the social stereotype that every successful woman should have a man by her side. She sees nothing wrong being single and encourages women who want to have biological children to have them regardless of their marital status, as she believes that single mothers can successfully raise their children if they are emotionally and financially stable. Bimbo Akintola confessed that most of the Nollywood actors are like brothers to her, and this is why she was never interested in dating them.

Frederick Leonard This good-looking actor is also single, and it is really hard to believe, knowing how charismatic he is.

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He is one of the leading stars in Nollywood, and he has made a successful career for himself in the industry.