Maya and aiji dating

Maya and aiji dating LM.C Aiji & Maya - YouTube

maya and aiji dating

Bay Area Dating and Relationship Coaching for Men and Women. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. LM.C's maya and Aiji visited Fukuoka as a part of their “LM.C TOUR PERFECT FANTASY” on April 3rd, In this interview they reveal.

I Love You, LM.C Interview

Maya is kind of a mystery. Also, a long time ago, when I greeted Aiji, he was looking at my face very intently. He never remembers that he stares at people. It stuck with me. So there is something that scares you.

Interview Now ~LM.C~(1/2)

Hey, from your point of view do Maya and I seem similar? Ruka is more social. To compare, Ruka is more like a dog, and Maya is more like a cat. And I only know a few other musicians. I like to invite people, but I hate to be invited. Oh, conversely, I want to be invited but I always refuse when I get invited. When we formed LM.

C, Tatsurou used to invite me a lot, but I never answered his invitations so he stopped. He gave up laughs. I lack both sociability and sociality.

Is Maya different than how you imagined? But then again, people do say that a lot.

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Now we have Social Network services, so now people feel closer. The fans who write about me dating, also go on dates. I understand both sides.

maya and aiji dating

I have a low boiling point. Like other day, I was on the train and the person sitting in front of me had their legs crossed and they kept shaking their top leg with incredible speed. That alone was making me annoyed. Why would I change my seat? So opened them and they were still shaking it laughs. I hate irregular or uncommon things.

maya and aiji dating

That is tiring laughs. I accept any strange thing laughs. People are curious about those who have strange atmospheres. They wonder why those people are hated laughs. Wow, my boiling point is very high. Maya, you also have few friends?

I only have local friends from elementary school.

maya and aiji dating

At our Elementary School graduation ceremony, it was like saying goodbye to a relative forever laughs. That may be right. Making friends is like getting married. But, if you marry someone for the sake of being married, then the meaning changes.

I guess this was the official starting point of my career. One thing I do always try to keep in mind however, is to always be happy. I think happiness is the key to life and I just try to enjoy myself whether it be during interviews or daily life. What is the most important thing, when you make music? Normally, the production periods and deadlines are set in advance; however, we try to look for ways to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.

maya and aiji dating

Was that a thought that you had even when forming your band? However, by repeating this year after year, it eventually starts to feel like routine work.

When we initially started our band, we were simply satisfied with making music and it came pretty naturally to us. Once we took it up as a career, psychologically we feel restricted in our creativity so we try to remind ourselves not to.

Our fans have become more passionate and I can feel that they have been waiting for us. You two are from Nagano-Prefecture, right? How many times have you been to Fukuoka? C, we come to Fukuoka every year. C has been active for 7 years and since we visit Fukuoka every year, this would be our 7th trip here. Do you feel that your Fukuoka fans are different to your Tokyo or Osaka fans?

maya and aiji dating

Well, first off there is that physical distance between us.