Marriage love and dating in china

marriage love and dating in china

Chinese people's thinking about love and marriage, standards to find a wife or widely repeated comment by a young lady on the Chinese dating show “You. A generation or two ago in China, marriage was nearly universal, and .. according to Cherish Love — a major dating service in China that is. For generations, marriage in China was viewed as a contract Chinese dating shows are changing traditional views on love and marriage.

For a good match, the man must be older than the girl, and he must earn more than she does.

How Chinese Poeple Think about Love and Marriage

Being attractive and well-groomed will influence job potential and future prospects, and, along with mannerisms and posture, are good indications of worthy attitudes and character. Rather than actual arranged marriages, Chinese parents have long engaged in matchmaking, thus improving the chance of a suitable match rather than just waiting for love and romance to blossom. This is an opportunity for parents to advertise their child with information about their age, height, job, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign, personality, family values, and even a picture.

Sometimes they also include specific requirements for a suitable match. Of course, not all young people are happy for their parents to be doing this, and so it is often done secretly without telling the children.

The parents first hope to meet with the prospective in-laws to get an indication of what the child is really like, and this hopefully leads to their offspring dating and eventually to a successful match.

marriage love and dating in china

Despite the rising popularity of these markets with the parents, they actually have a fairly low success rate. With an ever-increasing imbalance between the sexes, there are not enough girls to go around, so doubtless some men will be forced to remain single. On the other hand, the expectation that women will be younger than their husbands, and earn less than them, can prove unworkable for those strong, intelligent young women who want to have a career, and the older they get, the less chance they have of getting married.

And then, of course, if they do get married, they will be expected to put their career on hold to have one, or now two, children.

It’s Complicated: Chinese Millennials and Marriage

Li Long's mother found him a "ghost bride" so he could be buried in the family cemetery. However, women continued to face pressure to marry workers and farmers to prove their socialist values during Mao's era, she said. Pan Wang, author of the book Love and Marriage in Globalising China and an academic at the School of International Studies at UTS, said it was also a time when class struggle and political campaigns dominated everyday life, and people married within the same class.

She said people often chose partners based on political orientation, which meant marrying someone who had Communist Party membership.

Fast forward to China today, Dr Wang said women were now more empowered, more financially independent and had more decision-making power. A crowd of parents gather at Shanghai's marriage corner, looking at a row of umbrellas laid out with details of bachelors and bachelorettes.

Chinese Love and Marriage - How Chinese Poeple Think about Love and Marriage

Supplied While love and marriages are more liberated in China, parents still play an important but less influential role in their children's spouse selection, with some taking matters into their own hands. In Shanghai, hundreds of parents gather at what is widely-known as the "marriage corner" or "marriage market" in People's Park every weekend to display their children's personal information on posters laid out on a row of colourful umbrellas, in the hope of finding them an ideal match.

A poster printed with the personal details of a year-old man at Shanghai's marriage corner. Supplied One poster reads: She pretended to be a single woman and used a hidden camera to document her experience — including fielding uncomfortable questions from parents asking about her age — and her story became an internet sensation.

marriage love and dating in china