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We handle it as a team though so nothing is unbearable. The fuse of sounds and languages just allows for me to be happier in what I put out. I want to take Zambia with me, in my heart and on my shoulders no matter how far I go. I hope that life and all our hard work offers us with the opportunity to do that.

I am currently recording my album and I have material that I feel is deserving of international recognition. So I listen to my iPod or phone, I write music, I help produce and create ideas, improve my poetry and spend every sunny moment with my little boy Shaan and my fiance Tivo as well as family and friends living life as happily as we can even if its in the simple moments of silence and just being around each other.

When a child is born so is a mother, when a student is schooled, a professional is made and when an artist makes music, that music becomes the artist. Planning and management also help in making sure as an individual I always remember that I owe my life a balance. And did the split affect you in any way? Fortunately the transition was very smooth and I still work with JK promoting Kapiripiri when necessary as business associates.

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The industry needs popular music and artists that are focused on creating music like this and create buzzes and trends that also become boosting artists which struggling artists should see as collaboration opportunities in order to support each other. I Am Team Salma! Thank you to everyone that has been too. We saw television stations holding interviews with Mampi. It just got out of hand and if you remember so well we started hearing all sorts of replies to my song.

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I will soon come up with something that will bring back the value into Zambian music. I used to sleep on the floor of the studio and so many people worked so hard to make sure that the album was well packed but at the end of the day everyone started focusing on the Mampi issue and one song in the album that brought the confusion ignoring the other 13 tracks. I thought my interaction with Mampi and her promoter was for a genuine cause but we ended up disagreeing on so many things.

I used to get so much involved in variety shows at school.

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And i have seen a lot of artistes trying to imitate what others are doing. I had come for a short holiday and was very interested in music and in the process met Exile. We were not yet married then. I must also say that it took some time for the album to be released and by the time we were doing the video we were already married. Some people may be on the music scene regularly but their songs are bad. I live on music, its part of me and i will always be around.

A lot of divas are trying to sell sex.

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Its evident when you look at their acts and exotic dances. I just feel that is not what people want. Old and mature people want to go and buy quality music that they can sit down with their families and enjoy not vulgar language. When a female artiste gets into music they have to be careful with whom they hang out with and deals they get.

Just listen to my two albums and you will get a real feel of my music.