John cena and maria dating

Who Did John Cena Date Before Nikki Bella? |

john cena and maria dating

15 Photos Of Nikki Bella (Before She Started Dating John Cena) . place between the Bellas, Maryse and Maria Kanellis, as it's believed that. John Cena and Nikki Bella have been dating for five years, but who did Cena date before her? Was he ever in any relationships with other. John Cena news, gossip, photos of John Cena, biography, John Cena girlfriend list Relationship history. John Cena relationship list. John Cena dating.

The two have been together for almost 5 years now and one can figure out why Cena can't get enough of Nikki.

John Cena and Maria - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Nikki's amazing figure is standing out in her tribute to the USA in this sizzling picture which proves just how sexy Nikki can look when flaunting her body. Kelly was hired for her looks which swooned the audiences like no other and she played the perfect role of an eye-candy for them for many years before getting her big break.

john cena and maria dating

She wasn't only influential in the ring but in the back as well, as Kelly hooked-up with John Cena for a while many years ago. One can guess why Cena couldn't resist the urge to hook-up with Kelly, with a stunning picture like this one proving why.

john cena and maria dating

Kelly's donning this outfit amazingly well as she's looking extremely hot in this picture. She's not only gorgeous but hot as well, with her "assets" and stunning looks standing out in this amazing picture.

Who Did John Cena Date Before Nikki Bella?

Maria has seemingly become sexier with each passing year and used to look absolutely smashing in the Independent shows she used to travel to with Mike. She allegedly hooked up with John Cena during her first stint in WWE and it's rather obvious why Cena wanted to hook-up with her.

john cena and maria dating

This amazing selfie shows exactly why, as this is definitely not as "PG" as one would want it to be. Maria's amazing assets are popping off in this stunning picture which shows just how much of a hottie Maria is and how superbly she's maintained herself to keep looking this gorgeous over all these years. While she didn't really flaunt her figure that much in the WWE, Victoria did have quite the stunning looks which is what attracted John Cena towards her many years ago.

Victoria and Cena dated for a month or so in around before both made their entry to WWE. Victoria actually cheated on her husband to date Cena for a month and one can be for sure that Cena was a lucky guy to get someone like Victoria to himself.

The rare photo above shows Nikki and Brie out on a date alongside The Miz; such a storyline seems laughable nowadays given the way things played out for all involved.

john cena and maria dating

The angle would come to an end with a match between the two on the ECW brand. They were drafted to Raw shortly after during the Supplemental Draft.

15 Photos Of Nikki Bella (Before She Started Dating John Cena)

They loved to have a good time with their fellow peers and lots of photos from the past indicate such. Judging by the photos from her pre-John Cena days, Nikki loved to have a good time with these two dudes. Also in the photo is Eve Torres, a former Divas Champion who is now retired. All four have moved on since those days. Matt completely reinvented himself with the Broken gimmick.

Yup, the pre-Nikki and John days took place some time ago. At that time, it appears as though Nikki and John were starting to talk behind the scenes. At the event Seasons Beatings, both twins accompanied a tag team to the ring. Of course, the event took place in a smaller venue and was nothing compared to the bright lights of the WWE.

They would return to the company just three months after the appearance. Oh, the stories these wrestlers must have from life on the road! Once Nikki and John started to date, the partying days subsided for the both of them. Instead, the couple enjoyed nights out at fancy restaurants while sipping on a fine glass of red wine.