Ian mckellen and patrick stewart dating

The Legendary Bromance of Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Patrick Stewart

ian mckellen and patrick stewart dating

Patrick Stewart and Bride Share Wedding Day Photo John von Pamer KATHY like "Ian McKellen married Patrick Stewart", well, that's true in a way, he married. Sir Ian Murray McKellen CH CBE (born 25 May ) is an English actor. He is the recipient of . McKellen with actors Billy Crudup and Patrick Stewart on 24 September for a press junket at Sardi's restaurant for Waiting for Godot and No. Sir Patrick Stewart OBE (born 13 July ) is an English actor whose work has included roles .. In , Stewart appeared alongside Ian McKellen as the lead duo of Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo), in Waiting for Godot. . In , Stewart began dating Sunny Ozell, a singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New.

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The series revolves around an elderly gay couple who have been together for 50 years. On 23 August the show was renewed for a six-episode second series which began airing in June They lived in London, where McKellen continued to pursue his career as an actor.

For over a decade, he has lived in a five-storey Victorian conversion in Narrow StreetLimehouse. This relationship lasted untiland according to Mathias, was tempestuous, with conflicts over McKellen's success in acting versus Mathias's somewhat less-successful career.

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The pair entered into a business partnership with Evgeny Lebedevpurchasing the lease of The Grapes public house in Narrow Street. R Tolkien 's Constructed script of Tengwaron his shoulder in reference to his involvement in the Lord of the Rings and the fact that his character was one of the original nine companions of the Fellowship of the Ring.

John Rhys-Davieswhose character was also one of the original nine companions, arranged for his stunt double to get the tattoo instead. WireImage It gave him the perfect way to get in the good books with the in-laws - by introducing them to all his old castmates. And they liked it very much. Born in in Mirfield, Yorkshire, he had a tough childhood in a one up, one down terrace house, with a former Army father - now believed to have had PTSD - who was violent towards his mother.

Thanks to a schoolteacher, he fell in love with Shakespeare at an early age and after a scholarship to Bristol Old Vic, joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and became a regular on period TV dramas as well as cameo in Coronation Street. The show ran from towith 20 million viewers an episode, and spawned four spin off films. Sir Patrick was a star: But success came at a cost. When the show ended, he was typecast, one producer even telling him: Since, he has constantly battled against type - leading to a diverse career where he mixed indie films, Shakespeare, Seth MacFarlane comedies and, of course, the X Men franchise.

But to bring back Jean-Luc Picard in retirement? To me, it would be a backwards step.

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I love that people still come up to me and tell me how they used to watch it growing up. But I really have no interest in reviving it at all. And yet it brought about an enormous change for me. Star Trek changed all that.

ian mckellen and patrick stewart dating

There is a little bit of a negative aspect to it, but it was mostly for the better Stewart also trained as a boxer. He was an associate artist of the company in Inhe had a brief TV cameo role as Horatioopposite Ian Richardson's Hamletin a performance of the gravedigger scene as part of episode six of Sir Kenneth Clark 's Civilisation television series. Over the years, Stewart took roles in many major television series without ever becoming a household name.

Armstrong in Tobe Hooper 's Lifeforce Stewart preferred classical theatre to other genres, asking Doctor Who actress Lalla Ward why she would work in science fiction or on television.

Justman saw him while attending a literary reading at UCLA. He was reluctant to sign the standard contract of six years but did so as he, his agent, and others with whom Stewart consulted, all believed that the new show would quickly fail, and he would return to his London stage career after making some money. Still living out of his suitcase because of his scepticism that the show would succeed, [33] Stewart was unprepared for the long schedule of television production [32] that began at 4: Stewart, on when he realised he had become famous [32] Stewart unexpectedly became wealthy because of the show's success.

ian mckellen and patrick stewart dating

First ContactStar Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis ; and in Star Trek: When asked in for the highlight of his career, he chose Star Trek: The Next Generation, because "it changed everything [for me]. The Next Generation, for its social message and educational impact on young viewers. When questioned about the significance of his role compared to his distinguished Shakespearean career, Stewart has said that: His voice became my voice, and there were other elements of him that became me" No director in Hollywood wanted to cast this grand, deep-voiced, bald English guy because everybody knew he was Picard and couldn't possibly be anybody else.

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In the event, he effectively reprised the part as Professor Charles Xavier — a grand, deep-voiced, bald English guy — in the X-Men films. In a prepared statement, Stewart said he and the new show's producers would "endeavour to bring a fresh, unexpected and pertinent story to life once more.

And looking back now it still frightens me a little bit to think that so much of my life was totally devoted to Star Trek and almost nothing else. WolverineThe WolverineX-Men: Stewart announced that he was leaving the X-Men film franchise after Loganwhich was the final time he played the role.