How long has eve torres and rener gracie been dating 8

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how long has eve torres and rener gracie been dating 8

Forgive me if this is a known thing, but while look at the Gracie family Posts or submissions about the community itself are allowed as long as 8, Shevivor Series, EVE I'm stoned), I saw that Eve Torres is married to Rener Gracie. once when he was conducting a Gracie BJJ class, he was incredibly. Eve Torres biography with personal life (affair, boyfriend), married info. Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch She was also one of the members of Omega Phi Beta sorority, and with the position of vice-president, she Married Date: April,, Married. Eve married his long time boyfriend Rener Gracie in April Eve Torres (m. ). Children, 2. Website, Rener Gracie (born November 10, ) is an American Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, a head Rener was born on November 10, , to Rorion and Suzanne Gracie. The brothers teach the week-long course, renamed Gracie Survival Tactics, to a.

She is now a mother and is living a happy relationship with her married life. There is no bad past story about the divorce of relationship of her married life. Eve is also straight in her sexuality and there are no rumors about it. She has also never been into any controversy regarding her bio in personal life. Eve is also known with her nickname as Evie and Evelicious.

how long has eve torres and rener gracie been dating 8

During her free time Eve loves travelling and reading books. She also loves partying with her Friends every Friday and she is very good in dance. Eve is very helpful in her nature. There are rumors about celebrities and Eve Torres also had some about her profession in her past life but she moved on with it.

And now there are no any rumors to be found about her. She has also been promoting some brands and some of them are Sally, Starbucks, Gold Hawk and etc. Eve is not involved in any of the social activities till now but she can be seen doing it any of the future. Eve Torres is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 61 kg.

Interestingly enough, my brother trained in jiu-jitsu in high school, so I knew a little bit about it.

I never really thought it applied to me that much. I had done other forms of martial arts, but it was more for fun.

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So I started training in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and my mind was completely blown away by what I thought was possible for women. All of a sudden, I realized that there was a way for women to level the playing field.

I felt like I needed to share this with others. All women can do this, which I think is important for women to know: Yeah, the friend who suggested I go there was dating his brother at the time. After about a year of playing hard to get, we got pretty serious.

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I was in a relationship with him for just about my entire WWE career, and he was patient long enough. It was time for us to start our life together. How did that come about? WWE actually reached out to me.

Why did Eve Torres leave WWE?

I know all of those girls have been in situations similar to what happened to me because it happens so often. And they have a plan to fall back on if they really have to. How did the Diva self-defense seminar go? They really enjoyed it! Obviously I enjoyed working with them again, and I think for a lot of people, they have a certain idea of what self-defense is: They learned a lot in one day. Now the question is: Who is going to retain it?

Eve shows off her Jiu-Jitsu skills

They have to continue to practice and they have to practice with one another. But all of them asked great questions, they did really well, and they made my job really easy.

What was it like to go backstage as an outsider looking in? It was so, so good to see everybody. I really miss so many of the people at WWE.

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It was great to connect and see that everybody was still doing well. You accomplished a great deal in WWE. Do you have a favorite match? When you took a Glam Slam off the top rope? That was the one! Sometimes you experience magic out in the ring.

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It was a turning point in my career, and I got to share it with one of my greatest friends, Beth. That one always stands out in my mind. But what happens is you lose yourself in all of that. I kind of wish I had found myself a little earlier, so I could have committed to it a little bit sooner in my career. The Divas division is a very competitive place. I always wanted to be liked, and I thought that if you were nice to everyone then everyone would like you.

There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I always respected everybody I worked with. There were definitely times that I felt really sad, and frustrated, and not treated right by some of the girls.

But I always came out on the other side.

how long has eve torres and rener gracie been dating 8

When I think back in general terms about my time in the locker room and my time with the girls, I have a positive feeling about it. Sometimes we all wanted to kill each other, and there was a lot of frustration, a lot of competition and a lot of rumors — there were girls that would spread rumors about me — but you just have to overcome it like any other situation.

Who else do you keep in touch with these days?

how long has eve torres and rener gracie been dating 8

I still talk to Maryse, who was one of my first in-ring rivalries.