Gossip girl fanfiction jenny and nate pregnant dating

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gossip girl fanfiction jenny and nate pregnant dating

After Nate had returned to tell him that Little Jenny Humphrey had . he read for the third time now the Gossip Girl blast about Serena and Humphrey Dorota is far too pregnant right now to be of any help," she quipped in annoyance. He knew from her years of dating Nate that sports bored her to no end. "You're one to talk, Gossip Girl." .. Team, this is Nate, his girlfriend Jenny, his best friends Chuck, Blair, and Serena, and "I'm pregnant.". GOSSIP GIRL TV SHOW S3 & ON, Jenny and Nate. By: Abztract Nate was furious that he had caught Jenny going through Serena's room. He held up .. That's when Jenny confessed to Eric that she was pregnant and terrified. They talked Nate stopped reading and checked the letter's date. "Oh shit!.

I just…I feel like I'll be abandoning her if I leave right now. And he also couldn't be around Serena after what Chuck had said to him. By the look in Serena's eyes, he knew she trusted him, and after the trauma of the morning, she wasn't suspicious, just concerned. I'll stop by later to see how she's doing. When it arrived, Serena got in without a word, and gave him a sad wave as the doors were closing. His mind was spinning. The apartment was quiet as Nate sat in the living room, trying to study for his government class.

Eric was at St. Lily had taken off a few hours ago to see to something at Bass Industries, and Rufus was upstairs. In all honesty, he hadn't read a word in over an hour. He sat, staring at the page, his mind far away from the penthouse. He had to force the image of what transpired between Jenny and this faceless rapist out of his head, so he turned his thoughts instead to happier memories.

Though they did nothing to quiet his mind. He thought about Serena; how he had been in love with her for years, and despite his pursuit of other girls, his heart always went back to her. It had never occurred to him that he might be pursuing her out of habit, rather than true feelings.

When he surveyed how he felt now against how he had felt in the past, it felt hollow. He didn't know what to make of it.

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Then he thought of Jenny. The first time he kissed her, he had thought she was Serena. At the time, wearing a mask with her honey blonde hair, she could have been Serena's twin. He had liked Jenny, become good friends with her, and even come to her aid a time or two. At that point, he never really thought of her as more than a little sister. Then he moved in with the Humphrey's, however temporarily.

gossip girl fanfiction jenny and nate pregnant dating

He watched, like everyone else, Jenny struggle to find herself, rebel, fall on her face, and just keep trying. Despite her mistakes, he held a great deal of respect for her.

She was powerful, smart, and incredibly caring. She fought to be queen, but that wasn't what was special about her. Being queen brought out the worst qualities in her, but he knew she would move past it. He feared the events of the past few weeks might force that phase out of her for good.

He had run his mind in so many circles that he barely heard the soft footsteps coming down the hall. She still looked shaky on her feet. I don't know what to feel right now. She was surprisingly cold. We'll start you off slow. He snuck a glance and her and couldn't help but smile. She was wearing a giant sweatshirt that engulfed her and drooped past her hands, black leggings and polka dotted fuzzy socks that rose to different heights on her slender calves.

Her hair was pulled into a messy bun, and her face was bare. He felt horrible about what put her in such a state, but he couldn't deny that even at her worst, she was adorable.

She opened her eyes as he approached with her tea.

I'm embarrassed enough as it is. I had the day free, so I just studied here. Besides, how could I pass up an opportunity to see you in fuzzy socks? She giggled and he saw a tiny bit of color flood to her pale cheeks. You're not allowed to feel bad, because I'm going to be here so much you're probably going to get sick of me. She flinched a little at the heat, and he apologized.

More color flooded in to her cheeks and he felt a little better. I'm really not the most exciting company right now. I feel like there are plenty more interesting things we could talk about.

He gave her the brief summary of the class and the reading he was supposed to be doing. You don't look quite ready to get out of this apartment yet, so how about a movie? Nate excused himself politely, sensing they would need a minute. He grabbed his government book on his way out of the room, though knowing he wouldn't read a word of it.

He wasn't proud of it, but he hung back, just around the corner so he could hear what they were talking about. And I'm so sorry that this happened…I feel like I've failed you as a father. I should have protected you. I should have told you sooner. They talked for a while, tears and hugs were exchanged, and finally Rufus decided he was making waffles. Nate almost laughed out loud; the man used any excuse to make waffles. He didn't blame Rufus though.

Any way to cope was necessary, and if he could get Jenny to eat, that was worth a lot. He planned to wait a few minutes before re-entering the living room, but instead heard Jenny yell, albeit in a weak voice, for him to join. If you don't get your butt back in here, I'm going to start this without you! Leaning over, he tried to whisper, "does your dad have a waffle fetish or something? Both Nate and Rufus were happy to see her animated again. She looked like a large weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

It surprised Nate to look at the clock and realize it was barely noon. Rufus set the waffles on the coffee table, along with butter, syrup, whipped cream, several kinds of fruit, and a side of bacon. It's a family tradition. She stuck her tongue out at him, and Rufus watched the exchange from afar, taking note of their interactions. He wasn't sure whether to be happy or concerned. For the moment though, Jenny was smiling, and that's all that mattered.

I haven't told anyone details, but Constance knows you won't be back until next week; I just told them you were sick. Secondly, I called a concierge doctor to come and check you out. I'm concerned, and it needs to happen. Thirdly, I called your mother. She's taking a train this afternoon, and your brother is going to meet her at Grand Central after his classes to bring her by. She should be here around 7. I believe Lily will be home soon. I love you, sweetheart. She was silent for a while before she realized Nate was staring at her.

She cracked a smile, and he gave her foot a squeeze. I haven't seen this in forever! Lily came in a few hours later carrying grocery bags of all things, which she told them contained ingredients for Jenny's favorite croc pot dish, which, even more shockingly, she began preparing herself. Jenny and Nate both crossed their fingers, knowing Lily's lack of skills in the kitchen, and turned their attention back to the movie. Nate's phone buzzed several times with texts from Chuck and Serena, and he responded briefly that all was well and he was keeping Jenny company.

My name is Inigo Montoya! You killed my father! I have Chinese food! We're almost to the end. It hits me over again every once in a while. At the final kiss, she leaned over and kissed Nate. She didn't seem to notice, but he barely responded, not sure how he felt in that moment. As the credits rolled, she stood. She really needs the support right now. She had barely touched her food, and had simply let it sit on the coffee table.

She was staring at him, her gaze was hazy, but searching. I'm glad you took my advice and not Dan's. He also recalled another evening involving Damien when he told her she deserved better.

She had responded by commenting that it was not like Nate himself was available. That comment rung through his mind. I can always seem to count on you, and I hope I can repay the favor one day. He was about to speak when they heard Lily coming down the stairs. Jenny's face fell, and she nodded. Nate helped her to her feet. As he put an hand on her waist to steady her, he felt just how thin she was under the massive sweatshirt, and his concern rose.

He was afraid what the doctor might say. It's probably going to be very uncomfortable. She's probably a little better…equipped to handle this. Nate had to concede, it wasn't his place to stay for something like this. Would you like anything? He remembered her favorite Starbucks drink. Vanessa told her about it years ago-a strawberries and cream frappuccino with hazelnut, toffee, and caramel.

It tasted like cereal and she loved it. She was shocked he remembered. He didn't want to admit it to Jenny, but he was grateful for the fresh air. His mind had a lot to process. After Nate left, Lily turned to Jenny. You shouldn't have to dwell. You've done enough of that.

So, when someone tries to take all their happiness away, will Nate choose his friends or her? M for adult situations, language and naughty, naughty lemons! So, as you can probably tell from the way this is going, it's not going to be a long story at all. At least 8 chapters, but no more than Looking at it, she wasn't surprised to see a new Gossip Girl blast. Seeing a picture of Jenny outside the Empire, however, did surprise her and she scanned through the blast as fast as she could, her steps faltering as she did.

Good afternoon, Upper East Siders! We have a mystery to solve. Little J has been spotted away from her beloved Brooklyn. Who did she grace with her presence? Certainly not boss Eleanor Waldorf…unless the fashion maven has taken up residence at a certain Empire. What will S do when she learns her Mr. Archibald is keeping company with the ex? I'm probably informing her right now. Whatever you do S, remember this: Make it explosive for me. She waited, not so impatiently, as the phone rang…and rang…and rang.

Finally… "Hey Serena, I know you just saw the blast. I want to know. How could you do this to me? Do you know how this will look? This is going to be so fucking embarrassing!

I hope you don't expect me to stick around and play mommy whenever you are with this kid. Ugh, I don't believe you impregnated her! You are so fucking stupid! Sure, she would drop a curse or two now again, but usually Serena was much more composed and…graceful. Her crassness was making him think that maybe Jenny was right about her all along. An idea sparked in his head and he decided to run with it.

gossip girl fanfiction jenny and nate pregnant dating

He knew he had a better chance with Serena in her emotional state than he did with Dan, who was cool, calm and collected at all times. It could be Dan's. They haven't ever…" She clamped her hand over her mouth before her verbal diarrhea continued. I have to go.

She didn't see the short, timid teenager in her Constance uniform standing just around the corner, filming the entire scene to send to her favorite blogger.

This was not a new phenomenon. Many of his friends and girlfriends would laugh whenever his trademark confused expression appeared. No, what was new today was the complete seriousness of his countenance. What Serena had said- well, almost said- was tormenting him. They hadn't ever "what? It would mean that Dan had lied and that Serena knew about it. Why would they do that? What motive was there? This was when Nate needed Chuck or Blair.

They had the minds and the deviousness to figure out any plan that an enemy might devise. Nate is the kind of guy you'd want to have a beer with, and I've worked with Jenny With the financial and ethical mess we're in, I think this city is incredibly lucky that a trustworthy guy like Nate Archibald is even considering the run.

Dan and Jenny had reeled over the knowledge that Anais was their niece through their half-brother, Scott. After meeting them all several years before, Scott had told his biological parents, Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen, that now that his curiosity had been satisfied, he wanted to get back to his life with his adoptive family. The Humphreys had respected his choice, and only Rufus and Lily kept in touch with Scott.

He'd received an invitation to Dan and Serena's wedding, but had politely declined. Both Dan and Jenny wanted to immediately spend time with Anais, and talk to Vanessa. But she'd left town after the interview, and all attempts to reach her had been in vain.

The city was also abuzz by another prospect. In the chaos, Jenny had forgotten to remove Sophia Vanderbilt's ring. All the news coverage showed her standing right by Nate's side, with that sparkler on her finger. So naturally, everyday New Yorkers assumed that they were engaged. Sure, perhaps Nathaniel Archibald really had gifted some girl from Brooklyn with one of the most coveted heirlooms of the Vanderbilt family which to some, devalued the famed stone If they were, where was the announcement in the society papers?

Had a wedding date been set? Had a venue been booked? Why was Anne Archibald so tight-lipped about the matter? Did Blair Waldorf Bass, who never made a social misstep, somehow fail to send out invitations for the engagement party, especially after she'd thrown a magnificent gala for her BFF Serena van der Woodsen's engagement to that upstart Daniel Humphrey? The most pressing question of all was this: Would the most eligible bachelor in all of New York City be snatched up by a notorious social climber?

Of course, people were careful to keep such talk away from the ears of Blair Bass, who was inexplicably supportive of the girl from across the bridge, or anyone from the Bass connection. Behind closed doors, it was a question for which Blair wanted an answer. She wasn't really thinking about the fashion show anymore, which was a first for her She was thinking about her Valentine's Day date with Nate the next day. Things were going so well between them But Jenny was worried.

There were mysterious conversations She'd kicked one of the interns off a machine and started sewing to distract herself until he returned Being almost engaged involved all sorts of logistical issues, Jenny reflected. She only hoped that Nate had listened to her Because she'd have to refuse him Blair was staring at her as Jenny moved the dots around the tablet they were both looking at, trying to find the ideal seating arrangement.

I have been patient, but no longer. I am your boss, your mentor, and most importantly, your friend. Tell me if you and Nate are engaged or not. Since when has that ever stopped me from giving my opinion? You and Nate not only should be engaged, you should be married as soon as possible.

This should be good. They like you being with Nate. They want a First Lady for the city. They like the idea of Nate settling down and having a family. They like the idea of you being from Brooklyn as much as everyone on the Upper East Side hates it After Nate and I didn't work out, there hasn't been a woman in our world who hasn't pitched her hat in the ring to snag an Archibald. Nate loves you and you're good for his career! Tell me why won't you marry him. He didn't give me a choice when he gave it to me.

And he knows I'm not ready yet. Don't you love him? Every day I fall in love with the man a little more. I've never really had a real boyfriend. I didn't get to date much when I was in high school, and since then, I've been too busy. It's nice just being in a relationship. I'm really enjoying being with Nate, and having him in my life. He is the most amazing man I've ever met, and he makes every day worthwhile. Blair was shaking her head derisively. Why don't you want to be his wife, Jenny?

I just don't want to be anyone's wife right now. Dan and Serena were off and on for eleven years before they got married. I have only been with Nate for So maybe I'm just loving what he and I have together. Take it from the happiest married woman you know. At least, for the time being. She walked toward the door, talking Yes, love, we're nearly ready She was just glad that the Vanessa ordeal was over for Nate, and that everything between them was good Nate hadn't had a spare moment to meet up with his father for their daily run, and his body was feeling caged.

A stop at the athletic club was in order to work the tension out of his stiff muscles before he picked Jenny up from Waldorf. Here, have a seat. So, here are the particulars of Serena's and my proposal to run the Spectator. Assuming you're elected, that is You know I hadn't really thought about my poor magazine when I started thinking about running Your magazine will be in the hands of family Serena and I would be more than happy to help out our brother-in-law.

Remember, I've known Jenny all her life. Am I the first to hear about this? So you're the second. Well, tell me the details! I guess that's when I'll ask for her hand.

gossip girl fanfiction jenny and nate pregnant dating

You see, I'm having another ring made for her That rock on my wife's finger cost me the entire advance from my last novel! She's going to have to pass it on someday, just like my mom did.

But you should see what my Dad bought to make it up to her My parents are nuts, man. I have no idea what's wrong with them. Messy, expensive divorce, only to go back to the altar again. What was the point? That's why I told Serena that if we did this, if we got married, there would be no divorces I'm not my dad, and she's not Lily. I hated it when my parents divorced.

They always say 'never say never' but I can't imagine ever ending my marriage to Jenny, or letting her go. I think she'll like it. It's not as big as my great-great grandmother's diamond, but it's blue, the same color as her eyes, and the setting is seamless and smooth. She can wear it while she works without it messing up the clothes she's working on.

You know how the settings on regular rings can rip fabric and threads. I don't want her to have to take it off if she's sewing. Then he grinned from ear to ear. And I love how good she is at what she does best," he replied. I know that I don't want her walking around Waldorf, or any other label, without my ring on. I've never had a brother. Besides, once you marry Jenny, the circle will be complete. My sister loves you. I'm sure her response will surprise you. It was Valentine's Day, her very first with Nate.

She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw what she had for him. But the covers were turned down The bathroom door opened, and Nate rushed in to gather her quivering form in his arms.

Did you have a bad dream or something? Then she realized what happened. Her fright turned to embarrassment. I guess when we fell asleep, we were spooning and I timed things perfectly last month and things were light I'll buy you new sheets, a new duvet, a new I'll clean this up, then go to the guest room I can sleep in there until my cycle's over You are going to take a shower with me, then you're going to have breakfast with me, and then you're going to open up your first present of the day.

I've had other girlfriends. Two of my best friends are women, and I've dated both of them in the past. May I remind you there is no guest room in this place, or any other that I own, at least, not a guest room with a bed that you'll ever be sleeping in. Now, do you have the stuff you'll need? Or should I send someone to the drugstore? Clearly, that hadn't saved her from her current mortification, though.

I should probably bathe alone today. What kind of nasty woman has sex during her period? In spite of herself, Jenny giggled. Want to bet I'll be able to get you there fast?

She saw the bloodstain on them, and felt guilty all over again. But then she looked up, and saw that he was already very, very aroused. How can you want to do anything So you see, every man," he kissed her ear as he washed her hair, knowing what it did to her, "has to deal with a little blood from time to time. I'm just glad that men don't have to go through what you guys do Give me that shampoo. The last time you had me smelling like lilacs and petunias, I thought Johnny and Karen would never stop laughing.

Give me your He-Man shampoo, then You know, that sounds like a great idea to me. And the water cleansed her, and him, and washed away all her doubts and worries. Almost an hour later, they were having breakfast in the living room. Jenny felt flutters of anticipation, but neither said much. They just kept grinning at each other, holding hands.

I wish you and I had more time to ourselves. Jen, when did you do this? So I thought we could go back to Stowe for a day or two during the last weekend in March to celebrate our birthdays That reservation is good for any seven days within the next year And I wanted to schedule some time alone with you before life gets really crazy.

It was bound in recycled antique leather, and as Nate said, "looks like a Hogwarts spell manual or something from Pirates of the Caribbean. Her final present confused him at first. And I thought you said you didn't do gifts that were for you? Look, that band says 'Sunday," and the next is for 'Monday," and so on. Think of it as packaging for my favorite package I'd like to see you top that. So it's nearly 9 am now.

I think you're running late, rich boy. Take off your earrings. She'd been wearing a funky pair of earrings made from old-fashioned bottlecaps that matched her relaxed vintage shirt perfectly. It was crunch time casual at Waldorf, so she was dressed comfortably. Nate stood up and headed back to the bedroom.

In a moment, he returned with a bag from Tiffany and Company. Jenny smiled as he fastened the platinum links around her neck, then helped her with the earrings.

I thought you were a Cartier guy So I want you wearing my heart every day, not just on special occasions. Olivia Pope had Huck and her team scan every inch of the Glass Box the week before; it was completely safe. Nate, as always, was in tune to her moods.

I thought you'd be happy Nate, I think we're still being watched. I know, it's hard to think about someone trying to listen in Maybe after tonight, we can have that conversation again. Usually Nate was the kind of young man that fathers liked for their daughters to date.

He was well-bred and polite, and knew exactly what parents wanted to hear. This conversation really wasn't going his way. It didn't help matters that instead of Alison, who was firmly on Team Nate and had been since he'd started dating Jenny, seated next to Rufus was none other than Lily van der Woodsen, who knew every single breath Nate had taken since preschool I want her to be my wife, but before I ask her, I'd like your permission Think that having a wife from an outer borough will boost your chances?

You told Jenny you were fine with us dating I have no say over who she sees. But I do remember how upset she was when she came back from dealing with your family. I had to convince her that you loved her Why did she come all the way back to the city, doubting how you felt about her?

Are you doing this because Serena's married to Dan now, and you won't have a chance? My daughter's not the consolation prize What's that all about? Is she still in your life? How many others are you seeing? This really wasn't the way he thought things should go. You've known Jenny as long as you've known Dan. Funny that the second you consider a career in politics, you pursue my daughter, convince her to move in with you, give her your mother's ring, and now you want to marry her?

After all this time? Father or not, now Rufus Humphrey was going to hear him out now. I really liked her back then I think a part of me liked her even when we first met She was far too young to be with you. Yes, I dated others, but Jenny was always special to me. I always told her that You broke her heart, and she made poor decisions partly because of the way you treated her.