Dean ambrose and paige dating

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dean ambrose and paige dating

Rumors have been floating for what seems like forever that Dean Ambrose is dating WWE television personality Renee Young. It's true!. There was a time when Renee Young and Dean Ambrose's relationship was the talk of the pro wrestling community — or at least a very young. Is paige dating dean ambrose for erin ambrose cena paige's pov he who is paige dating on dancing with the stars wasn't the same with me as he was is paige.

In the photos, Ambrose and Young are spotted traveling together to WWE events and enjoying the company of each other at restaurants.

Granted, this does not necessarily confirm that the two are dating since WWE Superstars ride together all the time, but the two have been out together in public settings quite frequently to say the least. Sharing his thoughts on his crazy ex-girlfriend on the Stories From The Streets: She is not his wife, only his girlfriend. His handle is TheDeanAmbrose. The Ohio native, however, does not post messages on the account at this time. He also does not have accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Adept to many styles, but made his bones as a wild brawler, reminiscent of a young Terry Funk. Somewhat of an oddity amongst the group, Ambrose received two notable accolades in the course of the minute opener: Energized to his gills with the boiling blood of a true showman, Ambrose fed off of the knowing cheer, and then dutifully pulled his share of the weight.

This innocuous match-up designed to put The Shield over as an impenetrable cell, cast their freshness side by side with the decaying personalities of the opposition. It was Ambrose that reigned indisputably as the star, for reasons that make too much sense. Nobody hates a villain that makes a promise and delivers without trepidation, least of all the charismatic Ambrose, whose vocals outshine the comparative woodenness of Rollins, and the suave soft-spokenness of the more heavily-spotlighted Reigns.

It was night-and-day next to Orton who has since recovered his own styleSheamus, and Big Show, whose cue-card cadence saw them relegated to the mid-card at this stage of the game.

dean ambrose and paige dating

From the ring-royal bloodline to his ruggedly handsome features, the son of Wild Samona Sika embodies both the superhero physique and the sex appeal that makes him a must-market commodity. But then there were other times where dudes would catch me walking by and try to push me around, and I had to draw a line, even if I was gonna get pulverized. I ended up earning respect that way — not that I cared, I just wanted out.

Dean Ambrose

One year earlier, Moxley had arrived on the jagged edge of Combat Zone Wrestling, participating in the Tournament of Death. It was in that battle than an enduring image was cultivated: When watching him, you would completely forget that what you were seeing was staged, and you believed he was actually crazy. I remember, after a number of his more violent matches, often shaking my head, all the while pulling glass out of his back. Behind the Heath Ledge-esque soliloquies and cotton-mouthed jaw-scrunching, his contemporaries remember a sweet individual with no pretense of ego.

This is a man who came from nothing, and apparently never forgot it. He explained how little things, like the way you hit the ropes, make all the difference in the world, and it truly does. Less than eight weeks later, the demented Dean Ambrose would be unleashed upon the world.

But then there were other times where dudes would catch me walking by and try to push me around, and I had to draw a line, even if I was gonna get pulverized. I ended up earning respect that way — not that I cared, I just wanted out. This may be for a number of reasons.

dean ambrose and paige dating

He may enjoy being a private person, or it may be the fact that he has already had his own fair share of drama in his personal life. Ambrose once opened up about what he referred to as his 'crazy ex girlfriend' in an interview that was conducted before he joined WWE. Ambrose dated Hellena Heavenly when he was years-old, a red-headed Nevada based wrestler who Dean met when he was coming through the ranks of professional wrestling.

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There is a lengthy video on Youtube of Jon Moxley name prior to joining WWE talking about his ex-girlfriend with some very colourful language attached to it. Every WWE superstar has a social media account and often update and talk to fans as a way to bring the WWE Universe closer to their favourite wrestlers.

Renee Young uses her Twitter account regularly and often updates about Dean Ambrose.

dean ambrose and paige dating

She commented on how happy she was when he won the biggest title in WWE back at Money in the Bank, but obviously Dean didn't reply because he doesn't know how to use Social Media. Ambrose has an account, but his bio reads "They made me get a twitter Since then he has only retweeted one tweet in more than four years. Ambrose is a deeply private person and so it comes as no surprise that he has not reacted well to the cameras following him around on a daily basis.

Renee was asked about how Dean has adapted to this, and she said: But it should be interesting, to say the least.