Dating and back massages

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dating and back massages

We find out firsthand if a couples massage could help our love life, not just lying in a bed full of pillows waiting for our massage therapists back in the spa's zen According to Stef Safran, dating expert and owner of Chicago. Cyril says: I gave my girl a massage as a peace offering when I arrived late on our date. She forgot about the late issue and we both had a great day. Next place some oil on your hands and massage the back with long, easy strokes . You can position yourself behind their head and stroke down.

For the side of the neck and top of the shoulders, use a fist instead of an open hand. On your lover's buttocks, try using your elbow to achieve a deeper penetration of the muscles. Hand Movements Use a circular movement to cause minor stretching of the soft tissue. This soothe to your partner. Stretch your lover's skin with your hands. Start with your hands together, and then move them apart, gently stretching the skin below as your hands separate. Shape your hand and fingers into a rake or claw-like position and act like you are raking leaves off of your partner's body.

Do this after using the deeper strokes to activate the nerve endings that are close to the skin. Use your hand like a feather and lightly glide your fingers across his or her body. This may cause shivers down the spine. The Perfect Massage A massage is one of the most sensuous gifts you can give a lover. Give each other this gift using the massage techniques mentioned to maintain a healthy relationship and body.

Was this page useful? Everything you read in books only goes so far when you meet a high quality woman. Once she is into you, will she just want to play video games or sit around watching the tube? I poured all of my resources into professional courses and studied constantly. Originally, this was all about launching a career as a professional massage therapist.

Through study and practice, I discovered powers that are almost supernatural. For starters, professional massage is scientifically proven to release a magical chemical in the body called oxytocin.

I almost fell out of my chair when I found that out! This is a very real superpower that you can possess…right in your own two hands. Sure, you want to get erotic with a woman…like we all do.

And no worries, you will. A professional massage with the right intention like I teach in my Massage Your Date program is perfect for igniting anticipatory sexual tension in a woman…and ultimately unleashing the raw power of pent-up sexual desire. Right then and there is when a miracle happens…right before your very eyes!

Ever heard of a fancy universal principle called The Law Of Reciprocity?

How to Give a Romantic Massage | Dating Tips

It goes like this. Whenever you give to someone else for example, the sexy woman you are giving a massage toher brain automatically feels compelled to give back to you. You are being selfless.

You are making her feel important, relaxed, comfortable, and putting her into a euphoric trance…all at once. You will have done something that NO other man has ever done for her in her whole life. In my Massage Your Date course I reveal in simple, step-by-step video how you can have her completely naked in under thirty minutes…and it will all be her idea. And YES…if done with the right intent like I show you, it can all start with a simple, rejection-proof four-minute back massage routine.

But never before has there been such a complete and powerful method for connecting with a woman, bonding with her and inspiring her to trust you almost immediately. Willingness is always better than compliance. They want this web page taken down immediately.

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Every bit of my hard-earned knowledge is in the step-by-step video program. In it I teach you exactly what to do. Little does she know that with the techniques I show you, she will soon be flooded with oxytocin. Just a few moments later she will be trusting every move you make.

Each one reveals how to become irresistible to women…simply by harnessing the power of your own two hands. No worries, I also break down the individual steps for you in subsequent lessons.

dating and back massages

But the first step is to get a feel for how you will perform professional massage on any woman you desire. Lesson 1 - The Hands Strokes The magic of massage is in your hands. So if you are going to work magic you must know how to use your hands. You need to know which strokes to use and when and where to use them to get the maximum response. In this video you will discover seven different strokes which magically empower your hands to give any woman more intense pleasure than she can even imagine.

All the strokes are broken down and clearly demonstrated so that you will be able to use them immediately. Lesson 2 - The Foot Massage I am not sure why it is but most women put their feet through hell.

They wear shoes that are not comfortable — too tight or heels too high — or they stand on them too much during the working day. By the end of the day most women have tired and aching feet. Want to be her hero?


Give her a foot massage. First, she will absolutely love it. And then she will look for ways to return the favor.

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In this video you will learn the tricks to giving an awesome foot massage. You will learn how to use hot towels to clean without her even knowing it and relax the foot. The next part of the body you will work on is the back.

How to Connect Using Massage Techniques

This video teaches you how to massage the back, the strokes to use and the areas to avoid. I will show you how to take your time, ask how she is feeling and how to keep moving forward. The back is very non-threatening. Lesson 4 — The Clothed Butt and Legs You are not quite ready for her to take too many of her clothes off just yet. So you need to transition, continuing to build trust and pleasure. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this video. You will learn the ways to massage her legs and butt over her clothes in order to get her used to you touching her in those sensitive areas…all without her becoming uptight or uncomfortable.

dating and back massages

Lesson 5 - Removing The Pants Once she feels the pleasure of the legs and butt massage with her clothes on, she is going to realize how much better things will feel without her clothes coming between your magic fingers and her skin.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to get those jeans or whatever she is wearing off. And if you go about it the wrong way, you will kill the magic.

This video teaches you the right approach so there are never any regrets. This video teaches you the proper techniques for massaging the legs and butt while she is wearing only her underwear.

How to Give a Romantic Massage By: Kim Linton - Updated June 09, Giving your partner a romantic massage is a simple yet effective way to show him how much you care. With a little preparation you can turn your bedroom into a relaxing paradise.

dating and back massages

A romantic massage will not only soothe tired muscles and refresh weary minds, it will also promote a deep sense of intimacy and unity in your relationship. Meet Singles in your Area! Lay a freshly washed sheet over the bed.

Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil at the top of the sheet where your partner's head will rest. Ylang-ylang, in essential oil form, will act as an aphrodisiac.