Dating a divorced scorpio man and libra

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dating a divorced scorpio man and libra

What follows are excerpts from Linda Goodman's Love Signs re the compatibility between the Libra woman and the Scorpio male. All bold font. Libra is attracted to Scorpio's intensity and lust for life. Libra knows that Scorpio is the perfect person to go on intellectual adventures with, and he is grateful for. 20 Slip-Ups Most Men Make On The First Date That Might Not Get Them A The Libra dude thinks that this signifies her appreciation of him, which he enjoys. The Scorpio man is incredibly passionate in everything he does.

You want her to understand and know you without ever giving her that chance. You are special creatures blessed with intuition of feeling, we are not. Our gift is communication, your weakest trait.

If Libra and Scorpio both learn to learn from each others strengths and understand the weaknesses. I am optimistic about my relationship, we grow stronger everyday. I will say that I really had to humble myself and learn to see from his point of view. Scorpio is ultra sensitive, and it takes a lot of compromise, but if your patient and understanding you will see soo much light in very dark person.

I'm a better person because of knowing him. Even if it's not meant to be forever, I know our time together is for a greater purpose. I feel truly blessed! Now is the time to come out of hiding and show her your committed in an unconditional way.

She thinks you wanted to be alone, so she became independent it's a defense mechanism. More than anything she wants ya'll to grow old together. So you need to man up, you can't have her put her wants hold forever! Good luck, God bless! That is very interesting lady, Libra!

You said, "Love isn't as a chocolate and flower. These are simple; there no need to work hard in order to find a solution if both of them are match, then it is match. In contras, Libra wants to feel, sees, and understands how is Scorpio's reality of though or an idea like? Since Scorpio man is very secretive, that makes Libra more curios. Libra likes puzzle but not like to play a head game.

As well as, im Libra, I never been party, going out, and neglected all of my important duties-serious. I'm Libra young woman, very independent, secure, and successful. I'm hard for a man who wants to fool me. I'm easy going but not an easy to hook up.

I met my Scorpio man; I love him; yet still love him very much without limit or unconditional. It doesn't bother me if he feels that he cant share or compromise with me about anything, and if it is bother him sooo much, he doesn't have to. He knows exactly how I feel for I showed him but I don't know him; it's okay; I already understood; I love him even more because he is the lucky one.

The first Love and touch; it just about him and me. Nothing comes between us; our bond are very strong. Good luck to everyone! I m Scorpio man I married with Libra women an it is love marriage but I am always suspect her but love like god I want to know this is she is loyal with me or what? An important note, whilst like all Libran ladies, I love to flirt, but I'm loyal, I refuse to cheat, the only time I've ever done that was when I was insecure and unhappy [when I was with my Taurus ex].

Your Libra partner will not be exactly like me, no-one is ever the same, so you're better off getting the answer from the source, your Libra lady, and like I said earlier, just tell her your doubts and explain why you feel like that.

You get cheaters from all Zodiac signs and you get loyal ones from all signs, signs don't completely make a person, unlike most Libras I'm not very social and prefer my privacy. Anyway, enough blabbering on my part, I wish you the best of luck dear Scorpio.

Man, all of you guys are more than twice my age yet I seem to have better luck with relationships, I guess this settles it, you don't get wiser with age after all. XD Libra'sAngel27 I just came back into my relationship with a Libra women after being gone for 10 months She says there is trust issues with me which are understanding, not so much about cheating on her but more so on where I went on that day and stuff like that.

There are a lot of influencing males in her life, her brother we don't get along her agent and her dad. Not to mention she to has a lot of friends that are males and with my jealousy, it kind of puts a damper on our vibe together I'm trying my hardest to deal with my jealousy and flat out trust her She is open with me about her friendships so what's my problem I want her all to myself.

We have a 4 month old son together, but we've both said that we wont stay together just because of him. I will be a good dad regardless If it is the Lords will then every thing will workout for us as a family, I put my trut in Him. So long as she doesn't cheat on me I'll endure whatever I have to just to be in our relationship. How does that sound? If she were to read that would she act out just cause. Well, ten months, that is too long. It doesn't mean you, Scorpio, push her away but most likely it does if you went away from your Libra woman ten months without contact her; that can be mean you neglected your relationship.

Can you imagine of how she feels about you and herself when you had gone?? Oh, please don't tell me that your Libra cheated on you. Libra will not cheat on you if you went for a good reason. But Libra may have the right for herself to date or in love with other man depend on her situation. Even though Libra has lots of males friends but not that kind of close.

What Will Be The Cause Of Your Divorce, Based On Your Sign (Him & Her)

She needs a real man, lover, and a friend in her life. Libra values and devotes to love one as you. The wound is going to heal and a Four years old son can lives without one of an absent parent. If you knew for sure that Libra is with another great guy, yo you need to let her go in peace.

That new guy is the winner; no complaint, lol, lol. Libra cannot be reserved, lol, lol I feel sorry for sweet Libra. Be happy if or in case, Libra wants you once again Just ended a relationship with a Scorpio man who is the love of my life.

The sex was so tender, passionate and intense. The connection we had was magical and he was very magnetic, charming and charismatic. But he was a substance abuser and I had to remove myself from him. Hopefully one day he will come out of it.

There is not one moment that I don't think of him and I will never forget him and will always love him. Libra woman Fingers crossed for both of you. Hopefully is he misses you half as much as you miss him it may be exactly the incentive he needs, though sadly it's very hard for anyone to compete against drugs for an addicts attention.

Not a good match, even the deepest Libra will never amount to the depth a Scorpio needs to retain a relationship. Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn are by far better matches. While my experience agrees with you on the signs you listed, Virgos and Capricorns aren't any emotionally deeper or intense than a Libra and tend to be no where near as attractive! So it cant be as straightforward as that. The grass is always greener, and I love my Libra. Libra woman scorp male relation is a precious and rare one and what is rare and precious is a real Mackenna's gold type adventure.

As mentioned in one of the posts by a devastated scorp male that his Libra lady has shut down from him; I would like to say is that Libra in the earlier stages of love gives all to her scorp male, the latter is more used to darker aspects of life and is highly temperamental towards the Miss innocence, that is when the petals of her innocence begins to shed. Both of you might need to go thro this for several months, i. From then on the Librafemale-Scorpmale reaches the skies which no other combo can match.

I don't mind sharing the album with you guys at the expense of my privacy, you Libra-scorp couples are bound to appreciate it and get better enlightened. My Facebook login is Rgopi. Virgo and Capricorn women are actually very beautiful good looking natural women with high morals and values.

Many Librans are loose with this and have their own ideas on what's being faithful and what's not. Scorpio men don't retain relationships with these women, they're more for passing time or dry spells. Good luck but you will see many more success stories in the Scorpio Pisces and Scorpio-cancer thread. Most Libras end up heartbroken, confused, or bitter if not all 3 by the time scorp is done with them. I'm a Libra girl that dated a Scorpio man for 6 months. If he treated me like how he treated me in the bedroom, I'd still be with him.

Outside of the bedroom he treated me like crap and only cared about himself kinda soulless and cold. Libra women listen up! They can't treat us the way we want them too, we can upgrade and be treated wayyyyy better than this.

I'm a Libra girl and I had similar experiences as what many have mentioned about Scorpio men. At first I thought he was arrogant and unfriendly but then, I found myself drawn to him. I can't explain it but he was just so magnetic and I love his dark aura.

He's just the type I would stupidly fell for- the bad boy. No doubt I found him to be very sexy and we had our moments. He started to become very friendly to me and we developed this intimate 'relationship'. The sex talk and chat was smoldering hot but what angered me was how he would conveniently ignored me when we're with our group of friends. It was like I never existed to him, so I began to withdrawn just to see if he would chase me. Sadly, he did not. One time he was staring into space and I asked him what was wrong and he replied, "Just a man in thought.

A few weeks later, I found out he was involved with this less appealing looking girl who happened to be I confronted him and he was so angry he's scary when he's angry but I didn't care that I found out and demanded who told me.

And I said I'm not an idiot because I saw that he's always with this Scorpio girl. It ended badly and he called me childish. I couldn't sleep that night and the next day, I was so ridden with guilt for forcing him to tell me he already had a girlfriend. So, I texted him saying that I was sorry for being impulsive. An hour later, he replied back and he said that it was okay and that we're friends.

And if I have anything to ask him, he will explain. He made it sound like he owns me an apology but still he didn't apologize! I got so sick of his nonsense that I cut all ties from him. And when I bumped into him in the bookstore, he just walked passed me like I wasn't there. And in turn, I too ignored him. But, he still has some kind of control over me. It took me a long time until it all sinks in and finally, I cried.

It really broke my heart that I wasn't good enough for him to trust me when I have shared so many things with him. And along came another girl and 3 secs later, she won him over. I wasted months waiting for him, in the end, I only got sorrow.

Libra female dating Scorpio male for 6 months. He pursued me for over 2 years until I finally broke down and agreed to go out with him. Good points, he is very intense a little too intense for my likingemotional, kind and caring. Bad points, he is jealous, moody and has outbursts over trivial things. I am still deciding whether this is a good match for me or not.

Young teenaged Libra girl, yes, I fell in love with an older Scorpio boy. I don't regret anything with him, he showed me the real meaning of love. I think its rare that you find someone that you can feel that way about.

Scorp ios are extremely jealous, and they hate being played around. I told him thousands of times that I cant even look at another boy the way I looked at him. I am now currently starting a relationship with ironically enough another Scorpio boy, although this time around, he has never been hurt the way Scorpio one has been. He approched me but I am finding it hard to see any depth to him. I have been reading up on his sign.

He is like no other male I have ever met.

dating a divorced scorpio man and libra

He has a sexy mysterious presence about him that I love. He is truly unique. When we pull away and retreat inside ourselves, that is when we actually care about Libra women any woman really. We are going through tests and checklists to see if you are a potential mate.

When we are overly affectionate, especially if it's out of the blue, it's not a sweet surprise, it is overcompensating because we more just cheated. Sorry Libra ladies, your innocense is sweet for awhile but then your overly flirty ways and lack of passion lead us astray.

The only reason for a long term relationship with a Libra woman is to kill loneliness and because you all do not pry enough to realize that we're cheating. Rule of thumb is this: Right when you feel secure and think this mix is going somewhere and your Scorpio boy couldn't be more loving, that is when he is putting on a facade of what normal people do because he already has at least one other lover who reignited his spark that has fizzled with you.

Warning, I've dated 3 Libras all for over 3 years and cheated on all of them repeatedly. We just can not be faithful to you hi thanks for letting me have my say here, not read every post I am a Libra woman falling for a Scorpio man, we have only known each other from august, to be honest I did not really fancy him, but We been on and off for a year.

We started in an affair when I was with a Pisces woman. If you never heard the chemistry between a Pisces and Scorpio its bout as deep as is gets. I'm talking about telepathy almost.

I met my Libra woman and fell in love at first sight. We cheated once and I left my Pisces which devastated her. But still the Pisces woman sees the best in me and to this day will do anything for me. My extreme guilt has shadowed my love for my Libra. For the past year I have always felt I owed Pisces something because what I did to her and I have a heart. But when it comes to love, its my Libra. And libras lighthearted and "fleeting" personality makes me a little timid to go all in.

Unfortunately we have fallen off again and I really miss her and want to trust her. I disrespected her by being in contact with my ex and I need to know what to do to get her back, and keep her this time. Please don't bash me, Im already l ow enough, and my Libra has some fault to. I need constructive advice because my soulmate is slipping away, if she hasnt already. When I won her back before persistance was key but now I don't know what to do. She doesn't return none of my text, and they are weeks apart.

It doesn't help that Libra take their friends advice litterally not knowing that in the end those same friends will do what's best for them. She is in a sorority check spell so it's me against But me being a Scorpio I believe I can do anything I put my mind too.

And ready to face the fire. Flowers, letters, text, are all exhausted. I need to know how to get her thinking being with me again. This combo can reach higher levels of love if they just work at it. They are the only two sign wired for it. But the time and effort it takes to do so the Libra is gone. I got one word to cure all that.

Here goes my experience with an assho-- er, I mean When I first met him at work, I was very standoffish towards him. He has a pretty strong personality and came off as not my type whatsoever. I worked with him for about 4 months before I finally agreed to go on a date with him.

The date went pretty well. And we actually had a year long relationship continue on after that. Best partner I've had yet. Sad thing was, that's all he was good for besides going on trips with. His sign is known for taking initiative and getting things done. And he did just that. I love to travel and see what else is out there, and I was able to do that with him. So those two qualities were much appreciated.

The communication between us was offbeat, he always seemed to be hiding things, and was extremely impulsive. I mean, I'm drawn to the bad boys, but he was getting way too out of line with things. The person I know now isn't the person I knew then. Besides the sex, a Scorpio will fizzle out like a sparkler on the 4th of July.

If you're looking for a one night stand, Scorpio is your man. Scorpio Man here, with Libra woman Libra women have taken their shots at the Scorpios Scorpios need this reciprocation I'd say, it's great attraction, but a lot of work to stay together.

Not an ideal fit. I sayout of all my relationship the one with a Scorpio is very different. At first I would alway putt him on the spotididn't want to get hurt like idid in the past. But everytime iwould try to prove somethinghe proved me wrong.

The Scorpio Man as a Husband or Partner

I've been dieing for the ' i'm inlove' feeling ever since i've gotten hurt by my aires ex. I know he would neverever do anything like that to me. I've never ever dated a Scorpio before, never even been friends with one. In all honesty, they frighten me, freak me out, and irritate me all at once. At first, I thought he was a Libra, and I was very excited! Well, turns out he's a Scorpio and now I'm entirely freaked out and ready to run, but I'm too far under his spell to walk away.

I'm just hoping that the Libraness in his cusp will help him temper his possessiveness and controlling aspects, because that WILL kill the relationship, if he can't get those feelings under control. I am so turned off and will not tolerate stuff like that. IN small ways, yes, but if he needs constant reassurance, that's not going to happen. His ascendent is Capricorn, and moon is in Taurus, so I'm hoping, again, those signs will help control the Scorpio side.

Just out of control which is another reason I probably can't just walk away, lol. I feel very safe and protected around him, like that I never need to worry about anything in life ever again. I'm in the process of considering opening a business with him, but the Scorpio thing I just can't trust a Scorpio!

Why can't he have been a Libra?? Lol Then the sex would have been mediocre though I dated a Libra boy for a lonnnnggg time and we were best friends, but the sex was super boring. Anyways--I'm really into this Scorpio, and I know he's into me. Tells me regularily that he'd do anything for me, anything I asked, and always does. Goes out of his way to please me, to give me everything I want and more.

He seems to be very honest with me although now I'm rethinking things, knowing he's a Scorpio--going to go through and do double checks on things, since you Scorpios are not so honest sometimes ; he's delicate and manly all at once, this bundle of emotions, teetering on the edge of darkness. I feel like I wanna provide a safe haven, a dependable, stable ground for him to come home to, BUT I cannot handle all these good things if he wants to clip my wings permanently.

I just hope that we can find a common balance that will work for us, because the sex is great and crazy and he does have a heart of gold, swimming in that sea of darkness that is his soul. People say that Scorpios are mysterious. The word "murky" better describes them.

Anything could be lurking there. I met a Libra female when we boith were 19 and im 21 now I first posted almost a year ago, outlining the difficulties I was discovering in my relationship with a Libra woman. Logging on today, I'm truly delighted to find two posts at least which refer directly to the questions I asked about how to regain her trust after she seemed to 'close down'. As it happens, we abandoned the relationship some six months ago since things had gone from bad to worse.

We seemed to be stuck in a destructive cycle in which the more she withdrew, the more I demanded, so the more she withdrew. This ended in a complete breakdown of communication for a few months, during which I was absolutely devastated. Then, a couple of months ago, I got in touch to ask for the return of some personal belongings, and a dialogue began in email.

It seemed, according to her, that she missed me and still felt very close. I was pleased at first, but even in email, my mood would swing. I simply couldn't bring myself to believe in, or trust what she was saying.

I t became heated and aggressive and filled with pride, and I was cruel and hurtful in my accusations and now we don't even email. I complained about the withdrawal, the long silence. But reading today, I am grateful for the Libra female's hint - in her PS to me -that 'withdrawal' for Libra is automatic, ' a defence mechanism', becoming 'independent' because she thinks I want to be alone post by the lady who refers to Captain Obvious.

But I've given her lots of reasons to think I no longer want her. I've gone on about how 'unhappy' her lack of passion and seeming commitment made me. And in one recent email, she even said that she thought she should let me go for my own sake since it just seemed to make me unhappy.

Libra and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

I'm also grateful to the libran woman who considered my post in detail - the one whose 'planet is mercury'. You rightly identified that there is an 'obstacle' in her real life, her ex husband who still seems to wield some power over her, and command her loyalty. In fact I have begun to think that she has drifted back into this relationship.

I think, in the end, that I just have to accept that Scorpio and Libra needs are different in love. She cannot give me the passion and definition and clarity and reassurance I need. I cannot give her an even tempered, calm relationship which is free of conflict. On so many levels it seemed to be 'intended', fated.

Or was that me just projecting?? She introduced me to it. It resonated for both of us. Then, the other night, for the first time, I watched ' days of summer'and suddenly started to see things differently. Maybe I was in one movie, and she was in another. I'll never get over the fact that something which seemed so 'special' could be so 'spoiled'. And while I know that I was to blame to some extent, she has made no effort to accept any responsibility for how things worked out.

She made promises, and they were abandoned. And I don't think I will ever be able to 'trust' again. Thanks to you all. Sad Scorpio I am a Libra woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man. He is opposite in every way Loves to debate, has trouble admitting being wrong, selfish,and jealous. He loves to gossip but will be very secretive about himself. He is prone to depression when things aren't going "his" way and often goes away leaving you "hanging".

Constantly needs motivating and direction. Wants to be Figure head while actually you quietly lead in the background. Only shows emotion and tenderness inside the bed, outside very cold. These men love to have their way and only show concern when you're on the verge of leaving. A Libra woman loves to be cherished and taken care of, we want a man to tell us how much we're loved and we crave affection.

A Scorpio man will love you, but it will be quiet, uncomunicated love and there will be many ups and downs. This relationship can work, be the Libra must be prepared to give much more than she will ever receive and not feel resentfu l about it. This does not mean that I don't feel; rather, I am afraid to feel, because of my deep-seated desire to bond with another.

Meet me on my level- the realm of thought. Try to verbalize your feelings- if I know how my detachment is affecting you, I will do what I can to set your mind at ease. We both crave unity- Librans are just much more fearful of it. Speak your feelings, and it will work wonders know this is a tall order, but it helps so much Libra woman here.

dating a divorced scorpio man and libra

I havent had sex with him yet but he sure is inclined towards it P whats holding me back is that. To Sad Scorpio,You said that your Libra lady made promises and they were abandoned.

What were those promises. I ask because I am having a similar situation with my Libra. We got along great for 5 months or so and then she started losing passion and caring that seemed to be abundant before. Any time I bring my feelings or concerns to her she acts like I am the one that needs to accept her for how she is and that I am the one needing to change my actions and desires. She then seems more distant each time and it takes her longer and longer for things to "get back to normal".

I am a Libra woman dating a Scorpio man, I must admit the typical social butterfly quality dsnt really apply to me I am very reserve and quiet what is funny is that my scorp has no reason to be jelouse because I have no male friends and I call him when I get off work and yet he's still jelouse its hilarious. He had moved into my home awhile back but due to cirsumstances I asked him to leave, my family really dislikes him and he dsnt have a steady job making it really dificult for me to provide for all of us.

He is short fused and can be very hurtful but I have learn to deal with it. Gosh I love him, but I am am a very independant woman and I need a man that I can at least count on if need be. I balance between sumisive so he has sligth control, but I wont give him the steering wheel cause I dnt trust his security, scorpios are e powerful sign's arnt they?

I love him dearly but if he dsnt love himself enougth to change it makes me wonder how he can love someone else. I have the Libra heart no dougth with a strong personality and a very reserved persona lol. I don't trust anyone lmao I must admit ived been in 3 relashionships a Gemini being one was very dull, had all th freedom but not because he loved me but because he didn't care at all what I did. Im having tons of fun this is by far the most exciting and intense relashionship ever. To the guy who asked the question of 'Sad Scorpio', your experience sounds absolutely parallel with my own.

I know that exact feeling, the feeling of uncertainty or insecurity during those times that the Libra woman chooses to 'withdraw' or to 'withold' love. And also the strong silent 'judgement' she gives off when we react, as Scorpios react in that circumstance. She is bemused by the intensity of our feelings. She prefers to 'distance' herself rather than face up to conflict. We scorpios need passion, and to feel sure that our partners feel as deeply and passionately for us, as we feel for them.

At first we were close, and she confided in me about everything but as time went on, she became evasive, and very economic with the truth.

I rarely got a straight answer or the full story. In the end, my trust simply vanished and I found myself unable to believe almost anything she said. We're no longer together, and it make me sad. But at the same time, I don't think I w ould start it again if I was given the opportunity.

There can't be love if there is not trust. And I could never trust her again. Good luck in your own love life man.

I hope you make it work. But I don't envy you the pain and the struggle. Sad Scorpio Libra woman and have a married Scorpio chasing me. All that meat and no sex. Went out with a Scorpio man for the last 7 months. Due to his job nature and constant traveling, we have only had several meeting. He is strange in replying emails always takes him a long time but when he does reply, it's long same thing with calling, he could go weeks not calling but when he does call, it's hours on the phone.

We recently became intimate and he wants us to slow down and be friends till he has time to nurture a relationship in which I am supportive of the idea and replied his email in kindness and understanding. It had been 2 weeks and not hear from him. What is up with this? I am Libra of course and love with all my heart. I am a Libra woman who wuz in a relationship with an Scorpio man. Where do I start. LOL how bout where everybody else did. Tha sex is off is off tha chain One minute he wantz you.

Then tha next he dnt. I have never loved nobody much as I loved him. Scorpio love iz very addictive for libra He's 45 and I'm 38 so I wanted to believe that this relationship would be mature. I was introduced by a friend and as soon as I set my eyes on him that was it. There was that something about him but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. He asked me out and we went for drinks and conversation.

He looked at me like he was undressing me with his eyes. Very forward, very blunt, very sexual and very intense. Not to mention high strung which I found funny. He was a gentleman though, we left with only a hug. After that it was like the kid gloves came off and we started texting and talking constantly.

He asked me very intimate sexual questions and honestly I was a little put off and uncomfortable about that. I started getting that feeling in my stomach that something was off but I was intrigued so we kept going. Later that week he asked me over to his place for din ner and a movie. Was actually very sweet but playful and just plain awnry. It was fun, I had all his attention. It wasn't long after that we got intimate and it was the best.

I expected him to stop calling and texting but he didn't. But he did say he was going to be busy with work for the next few days. I said OK, no problem, we'll get together next week sometime.

Scorpio Men: How They Court Women

Well next week became 2 weeks without seeing him and the texts became fewer and fewer. Then he didn't text me all weekend until Monday afternoon when before he would text good morning at 8: Well I didn't reply until that night.

I was so hurt but at the same time glad I heard from him again. I thought it was over. I mean, you don't hear from him for a whole weekend, when before it was 3 or 4 times a day, you assume the worst. He responded the next day and started a conversation but by then I had had enough. I told him that this isn't working and to not delay the inevitable any longer. He said OK and that was it.

What Kind of Women Do Scorpio Men Like?

Our entire relationship only lasted 4 weeks. I know that's quick but I had a gut feeling about him I couldn't eat the whole time we dated I was so nervous.

I lost 10 lbs very quickly. I knew I had fallen for him and I thought he had for me but was quickly brought back to reality when everything changed. Scorpio men are so sexy and so mesmerizing and just have bad news written all over them. I did learn from this experience however. We had conversations that made me think and I learned a lot about myself. So much so that I'm rearranging my life and making it more fun and interesting.

But I wasn't comfortable around him. I couldn't be myself, he made me nervous and I still don't know why. I'm not giving up on love, but I just have to give up on the fact that this Scorpio man is the one for me. I've read where some of you said that he usually comes back to you but you've also had relationships much longer than 4 weeks. If he does come back, it'll only be to hook up again and then HE will dump me just so he can have the last word. I was devastated after I broke it off with him.

I almost went back and then I found this site and read what everyone had to say and realized that this is not how I want to live my life. If you're not a match, then move on I know its easier said than done I miss him like crazy but everyday gets a little better. I have to drive past his work everyday and everyday I look for his truck and maybe a glimpse of him. Even his truck was sexy! I don't like it that he still has this affect on me, as a matter of fact it makes me very angry.

And I'm sure he's moved on twofold but I keep reminding myself that it was a learning experience and I need to move on. It's kinda like you have to go through a bad relationship to recognize a good one! Good luck fellow Librans! Whattayasay we hook up with some Gemini's or Aquarius'?

They are more of a match for us and lets leave those dark mysterious men alone. I had been with Scorpio man for about 5 yrs but we must have split up about 3 times. He seemed a really nice guy at first but I didn't like it when he was trying to tell me what to do, and take over! Also I coudnt put up with the sarcasm which really hurt at times and also the mood swings as I am an easy going person and just wanted peace.

Any little thing he would make a mountain out of a molehill and knew what strings to pull. It was like treading on eggshells cos I never knew what mood he would be in when arrived home. WHEN he was nice it was great but in the end it got me down so much having to put up with the moods,sometimes lasting 2wks and also the mind games and cold shoulder I felt it was time to go. Cos he hadnt spoke 4 a mth before I left I took it he didn't want me there anyway so I found a place to move.

When iconfronted him and said "Its obvious you don't want me here any mor, I shall be moving". He replied "Idont want you to go" and turned completely cold o and me cos I was going.

I cant understand, cos if you r in love with somebody the last thing you want to do is give them the cold shoulder all the time. I was hurt too many times!

I am a Libra woman with a Scorpio man. I have read all the comments and must say I understand a lot more than I did about the guy I am dating. Most of you hit the nail on the head for me. How can the Scorpio guy be so good in bedroom then get dressed and be such a different person?

If you divorce a Scorpio husband, be prepared for a tough battle when it comes to claiming your rightful assets. He has a black and white attitude to most things in life with no in-betweens, and at times can be rather fanatical. Living with a Scorpio husband or partner can be rather like living with a smoldering volcano that might erupt soon, but exactly when who knows! Dealing with a Scorpio partner's emotional intensity can be very hard going at times.

But at the same time, the sheer depth of his feeling nature makes him capable of empathizing with your fears and problems like no other man can. His extraordinary intuition will quickly ferret out all your little secrets, leaving you stripped to the core.

On the other hand, it may take quite a long time before he trusts you enough to reveal any of his own weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Okay, so once in a while he might indulge in a minor sexual dalliance just to prove his hypnotic powers are still working — or to try to make you a little jealous and test the strength of your love.

Your Scorpio partner will only stay faithful as long as you do, and not one moment longer.

dating a divorced scorpio man and libra

Fatherhood and the Scorpio Man Make no mistake, a Scorpio man makes a very strong father figure!