Are kickthepj and crabstickz dating

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are kickthepj and crabstickz dating

See more ideas about Dan and phil, Chris kendall and Pj liguori. kickthepj and crabstickz(Enrique) Chris Kendall, Pj Liguori, Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil. Are crabstickz and kickthepj dating site - pureloaded. Are crabstickz and kickthepj dating site - pureloaded. Crabstickz on twitter: "right then! seeing as everyone. What happened with crabstickz? This post is about: > Why Chris Kendall stopped hanging out with Dan & Phil in > Where they stand now.

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They have no idea that Dan and Phil are actually dating. They never really got to see them as they were both extremely busy between planning for Youtube videos, filming Youtube videos and Dan and Phil had their radio show which was a lot of work. But, now they were all free and they were planning on spending a couple of days together. They were going to make the best of it while they could. They were also going to plan on filming a couple of videos together which they were all excited about.

PJ rolled his eyes. It's supposed to snow bad tonight, we're going to get stuck in traffic if you don't hurry up," PJ said, just as Chris finally walked out of his and PJ's bedroom.

Chris and PJ had been living with each other for over two years now and they had been together for three. They had finally bought themselves a house after they had saved up enough to buy a decent house that was big enough for the two of them and would allow them to be able to film their Youtube videos separtely, which was a bonus for them. I'm ready to go now," Chris said.

PJ looked up at Chris and chuckled. I just couldn't find my phone," Chris said. PJ rolled his eyes playfully.

Can we go now? We can go now," he told him. He reached over and kissed Chris before he grabbed Chris's hand and then he finally led the way out the door. PJ looked up when they stepped out onto the porch. PJ blinked a few times when he felt the cold breeze brush against his face.

He definitely should have been more prepared for the cold wheather.

are kickthepj and crabstickz dating

Chris looked at him over at him and raised his eyebrows. It's so cold," PJ whined. He gently wrapped his arm around PJ and they walked off the porch and walked over to the car. Dan Where are you guys? It was now currently around 8 o'clock at night.

Dan and Phil had been waiting around almost all day for Chris and PJ to come over so they could hang out. Of course, Chris and PJ were staying over for two days but Dan and Phil were still excited about seeing them as it had been awhile.

Dan was sitting on the couch in the lounge. He had just sent another text to Chris, asking where he and PJ were at, as they were late. Dan looked up when Phil walked into the room. Besides, I've just talked to PJ yesterday on the phone. They definitely know today's the day," Phil walked over to the window and glanced outside. Phil rolled his eyes and looked back at Dan.

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Maybe they just got caught in the weather," he suggested. Maybe I'm just being paranoid," Dan mumbled. Phil looked over at Dan and smiled. Phil smiled as he watched Dan. At the start of Chris made some remarks on Twitter suggesting that he was leaving YouTube, causing huge uproar amoung his followers.

He soon made a video entitled "Quitting YouTube," explaining that he was not leaving YouTube per se but instead stating he will only make videos when he wants to, rather than creating videos to please his viewers. This often leads to long stretches of time between videos.

When he is not making his own videos, he is usually collaborating with other YouTubers and being casted in online mini-series. On May 14,Chris posted a video in which he said he was going to post videos again both to entertain his subscribers and to be able to pay for certain things. He also stated that he's grown tired of being funny all the time and has instead been vlogging. As early as NovemberChris has been collaborating with TomSka in comedy sketches on Tom's channel. Youtube channel with one.

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are kickthepj and crabstickz dating

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