Are daehyun and youngjae dating divas

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are daehyun and youngjae dating divas

Read hot and popular stories about #Daehyun'a on Wattpad. youngjae. +2 more. B.A.P Fanfic: My Bad Boy by Yinx #2. B.A.P Fanfic: My Bad Boyby 정미경 Lee Chohye/You and Daehyun have been dating for a few months and both of . [A kpop story]Baekhyun,the eyeliner diva at Idol High, has just gotten over his. BAP!boyfriend - Youngjae Yongguk | Himchan | Daehyun | Jongup | Zelo •Good luck •Complains about double dates with Dae, but still ends up on them - probably . Hyungwon: I think a bit of his diva may come out. Are daehyun and youngjae dating divas - Sognare tinder dating site. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the.

Daehyun himself said that he won't get anymore tattoos, and he'll probably stay true to his words unless he finds something else that can be as meaningful as the tattoos that he already has. That something would probably be his children that he may or may not have in the future, or the loss of someone near and dear to him, or something along those lines. I don't think he'd get a tattoo of something because he'd feel it represents him or something he believes in, but rather because it's something that means the world to him.

He'd get a tattoo of something to remember it, to think fondly of it and to keep going because of it, like his members or his fans.

Are daehyun and youngjae dating divas. Jung daehyun and yoo youngjae - mp3 | ♫

I can imagine him getting another tattoo to represent the group when he's older, when they've been going on for a very very long time, or maybe something after his military service. If not that, he probably won't get any tattoos unless he has kids, and then he'd probably get their names and dates of birth, maybe some imagery to represent the children, but it would be impossible to know what that might be until he actually has kids.

Yoo Youngjae Ah yes, Youngjae.

are daehyun and youngjae dating divas

The diva, the loud-mouth and Daehyun's partner in crime. He doesn't have any tattoos, and I'm not even gonna hint at the possibility of him having them, because I honestly think that he doesn't want any. If, on the off-chance, he got one, it'd probably be something very small. He's talked about his body and skin being "precious", and while he wouldn't judge other people for getting tattoos - in fact he might find them cool and intriguing - it's probably not something he'd want for himself.

He's a very boisterous man and incredibly playful, but also a bit conservative at times and perhaps even timid. Now, I could be totally wrong, he might do a total on us and get an incredible tattoo in the style of Yongguk's Zeus or he might be planning a tattoo he'd want to get at this very second, but it seems very unlikely right now. As much as I want to come up with tattoos that would suit him, it's incredibly difficult since he doesn't really seem like someone who'd want tattoos and there's a very high chance of him not getting any, so we'll leave that for another time when he perhaps changes his mind.

You never know, he's a bit of a wild card and he loves messing with people, even more so than Daehyun. Only time will tell. If, IF, he got a tattoo, which is a big if, I'd give him something related to the group, like a date that's important to them, whether it's their debut or their first comeback after the lawsuit, or maybe both. It'd be very small, in Roman numerals, either on his wrist or his collarbone.

I don't think he'd go much further than that. Moon Jongup Jongup, however, might want a couple of tattoos. It wouldn't be anything flashy though, and he probably wouldn't show it off all that much. He doesn't really seek attention or say much, but rather does his absolute best and lets his effort and skill speak for him. He cares about his members, but he's not half as intense about it as Himchan and Daehyun; I think he might feel a bit awkward about showing affection and adoration towards them, so he sort of balances it out by letting them coo at him and cuddle up to him and just generally mess around with him while he just sits there and accepts his fate.

He's a bit of a "what you see is what you get"-type of guy, so he's not the kind to do anything solely with the intention to get praise or to impress someone although it probably makes him feel good to know that he's doing a good job - he's only human after all. With that in mind, a tattoo or two wouldn't be all that outrageous for him. I think he might look at his leader's tattoos from time to time and think "hey, that's some sweet ink, man" and while he might not want tattoos just like that, he's probably played around with the idea a bit.

Now I'm gonna indulge myself a bit on this one, because honestly, a piece going up the side of his torso over his ribs would look amazing it'd hurt like hell, but it'd look so good. Something neo-traditional, with a lot of heart and soul in it. Nothing particularly fierce or anything, but strong. A big cat, like lion or tiger or panther.

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Perhaps something similar to this: It's not too farfetched to say that Jongup might resemble a cat - his eyes, that little Cheshire-smile, not to mention how graceful he is when he dances. But he's also very strong and powerful. He's never violent or aggressive let's just ignore Skydive for a moment, ok?

Are daehyun and youngjae dating website

That's kind of why I'd rather give him pieces like these rather than a snarling beast. Color or black-and-white would suit him either way and I think that this sort of motive would go well with his style and personality. These are some absolutely gorgeous pieces and something like this would look incredible on him. Even if he doesn't get it on his ribs or that size, it's definitely something I'd warmly recommend to put basically anywhere on his body.

Choi Junhong Last, but definitely not least, the bean pole of a child, the pool noodle himself - Zelo. He's the last of the three that have tattoos and I remember being so proud for some reason when he got his first tattoo, even though I wasn't really surprised. He's not very rebellious or anything, but he appreciates being able to express himself even if that means going against the grain, so to speak.

are daehyun and youngjae dating divas

He already has a nose ring so he's never really cared about the netizens' comments about that sort of thing. The older members, especially Yongguk, have basically raised this kid on their backs and it's safe to say that Zelo has an infinite amount of respect for them.

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are daehyun and youngjae dating divas

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After the breakup, Youngjae gave his attention to his career but still not forgetting about his ideal girl — person who is always sure about herself and who will love him no matter what. When asked what he will give to her girlfriend during their first date, he said that he will give her something that he wants, like sneakers because sneakers such as Air Jordans are cute for girls.

The girl was older than him for about 2 years. When asked about his ideal woman, he expressed that he loves woman who are virtuous. In spite of his dry love life, he always attract fans with his stimulating expressions and striking performance.

He also added, that they shared kisses but not during practices. If he really was in a relationship, he would not keep it as a secret. His feelings grew stronger, but the relationship became very difficult. After the brief relationship, he asserted that he had never contacted her again. And on their first date, he wants to do something different, and try cooking with her girlfriend.